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Flexible, Versatile, and Customizable Bathroom Furniture System

Flexible, versatile, and customizable bathroom furniture system Profilo Smart, customizes the design of the bathroom interior for each person, with a view to social sustainability, and age-friendly.

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Profilo Smart is an innovative furniture system that’s made in Italy by Profilo Smart Ltd, designed to create customizable interior spaces that increase comfort and functionality.

This space organization product is created to spread the culture of inclusiveness, with a view to social sustainability, and age-friendly. Combined with beauty and comfort, this furniture system creates flexible, versatile, and customizable bathroom environments, which change according to the needs of their inhabitants.

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Transforming the Room According to the Needs of Each Individual

This innovative system designs comfortable and functional bathrooms by transforming the room for each individual. A new way of thinking to the inclusive bathroom to respond to individual needs with style, also in case of restricted housing space, without forgetting the wide range of choices in terms of materials and finishes.

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The Profilo Smart system is made of an anodized aluminum modular track, which can be installed safely horizontally or vertically on the bathroom wall and equipped with various accessories – both of ordinary function, like shelves, or accessories for specific needs like support arms for the toilet area, or shower seats.

All accessories can be easily added or removed and they can be positioned wherever you need them along the anodized aluminum modular track. The safe and supporting ones can also be adjusted in height. The track can hold LED lights and power or data cables.

The track and the equipment hooks are hidden by a customizable aluminum cover which can be easily opened to add, change, or move the accessories. No specialized staff is needed, according to the manufacturer.

This furnishing system can harmonize with the home environment and respond to any individual need with specific equipment. It is a stylish solution to mix comfort and design, regardless of the number of accessories needed.

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Customizable Cover, Supporting Accessories, and Bathroom Fixtures

The cover is available in two versions: with a square or rounded outline both with standard anodized aluminum or stainless steel finishes or varnished in a wide range of colors. It can also be customized with different finishing techniques like gold plating, laser printing, engraving, etching, or others, consistent with the style of the design project.

Profilo Smart system includes supporting accessories (lift-up arm, backrest), bathroom fixtures (wall-mounted or floor-standing toilet and bidet), an ergonomic washbasin available in the traditional frontal version, and an angular one, the latter including a towel holder. The washbasin has been designed for comfort, and its position can be adjusted in height according to the need.

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For the shower equipping, a simple seat or a seat with arms and backrest are available, both foldable, both with standard anodized aluminum or stainless steel finishes, and 5 plastic colors antibacterial finishing (blue, white, black, dark grey, red).

The manufacturer points out that the seat and backrest are safe and comfortable. They can be adjusted in height independently to give the sitting even more comfort.

Bathroom furnishing can be completed with additional accessories like shelves, towel holders, toilet paper holders, soap dispenser holders, etc.

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“From contract projects to public spaces, from healthcare facilities to private homes…”

As stated by Luca Mammi, creator and founder of the Italian brand, this system “was born in response to the growing needs for autonomy, flexibility, and freedom required in many areas. From contract projects to public spaces, from healthcare facilities to private homes, we believe in the value of offering a modifiable and highly customizable product both in application solutions and in design. Thanks to our combination of know-how and proud Italian design heritage, we are able to accomplish many different projects, including made to measure and taking into consideration specific needs, committing ourselves not only on an aesthetic level but also through the dedication to engineering and product functionality”.

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