Water-Inspired and LED-Lit – Designer Bathroom Sinks

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December 18, 2020

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Discover Aura and Astro – designer freestanding bathroom sinks inspired by the natural element of water and lit by LED lighting.

Water – a natural element that’s in motion and changes its form over time, a volume that molds, transforms, and recomposes itself to find a definitive image, liquefied but solidified at the same time. This fluid element is a constant inspiration to artists and designers – whether we are talking about a product, interior, or architectural design.

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The refreshing water world and the fluid image of this natural element describe the design concept of Aura and Astro, the two freestanding sinks designed by Marco Piva, an Italian architect, interior designer, and product designer.

These two creative bathroom freestanding sinks have a strong personality and a sculptural presence that recall the water element. Backlighting the material with LED lighting, making it vibrant with light and reflections that spread throughout the bathroom space – creates the beautiful play of light.

“I wanted to interpret this material (Cristalmood) by charging it with emotions, I worked on the relationship between the pure geometry of the container and the soft internal shape of the basin”, – says the designer Marco Piva.

“Cristalmood is a surprising material rich in reflections and energy” – declares Andrea Lupi, CEO of the antoniolupi family company – “Resistant like stone, transparent like crystal, this resin has allowed antoniolupi to develop shapes that would have been unthinkable with any other material. Cristalmood is an eco-sustainable resin – continues Lupi – despite being an industrial product, it is durable over time, recyclable, restorable and resistant”.

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Aura and Astro designer freestanding washbasins are made of Cristalmood, a versatile material that combines technology and manufacturing tradition. The eco-sustainable resin is manually poured into molds and once the resin has solidified, the manufacturer proceeds to the sanding and polishing which are carried out manually in order to remove the imperfections and give brightness to the bathroom object. The final production stage consists then of a protective fixative. Due to the type of processing and the craftsmanship of the production, each product made of Cristalmood is unique and unrepeatable, two sinks won’t ever be identical, for slight differences in color, size, and thickness.

Astro and Aura bathroom sinks are equipped with LED lighting, and available in the color palette of 13 Cristalmood colors. The drain is on the floor, and the transparent opaque body contains the drain and siphon, hiding them from the outside view. Astro can be combined with a freestanding tap, it also allows you to install a countertop tap on the surface, an important added value for diversified installation wishes and needs.


ASTRO Designer Freestanding Sink, Created by Marco Piva

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Astro is a freestanding bathroom sink, designed by Italian designer Marco Piva for antoniolupi with a seemingly fluid volume. Looking like an ice cube that slowly melts, an immaterial presence that contains, and shows the strength of the purifying water element where light plays an important role. The plays of light and shadow created by the LED lighting define the body and the form of this bathroom object. A mold generated by a powerful and concentrated force that “pushes” the material downwards according to an unprecedented geometry that becomes the stylistic signature of the project. Despite its transparency, the Astro washbasin hides any mechanical connection, such as the drain and siphon, thus maintaining maximum formal elegance. Astro is equipped with LED lighting, and it’s available in 13 Cristalmood colors.


AURA Freestanding Bathroom Sink, Designed by Marco Piva

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Aura is a designer freestanding bathroom sink, created by Marco Piva for antoniolupi. An essential volume, softened by the translucency of Cristalmood resin, whose perfect geometrical shape is “carved out” by the force of the water which, drop by drop, generates the lowering of the Aura basin. The organic shape develops seamlessly as it does for natural elements.

The phases of the Cristalmood resin processing are quite complex and the ability of expert craftsmen is an essential plus for the perfect realization of this sink. Aura washbasin is equipped with LED lighting, and available in the color palette of 13 Cristalmood colors.



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