Interior Designer’s Home – Family Residence of Kelly Hoppen MBE, London

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November 11, 2019


Kelly Hoppen MBE’s seven thousand square foot family home in London, United Kingdom, is an homage to her talent as one of the most celebrated interior designers of our time. This stunning property boasts luxury design as well as six bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, a study, a gym, a laundry and flower room, a large open-plan high ceiling living/dining/kitchen space, along with a breakfast area and underground parking.

Having taken a year and three months to complete the interior design, Kelly Hoppen designed her new family home in her signature style using the neutral, calm color palette of taupe, whites, beiges, and greys, complimented by beautiful pops of green, dusty pink, peacock blue, orange, bronze, nickel and rose gold. The designer’s love for texture is also obvious, enriching and adding a new dimension to the interior.

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As you enter into each room of this beautiful residence, you are captivated by its elegant design, softness, extraordinary art collection and fantastic views. Each area is as inviting and intriguing as the next, imbued with luxury whilst remaining true to Kelly’s laid back lifestyle.

Iconic and vintage furniture can be seen throughout this London home as well as bespoke pieces designed by Kelly Hoppen herself. Indeed, this ambitious design project is a true picture of the British designer’s famously sought-after style, which is to create timeless and understated elegance whilst fusing the Eastern principles of simplicity and the Western taste for sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes.

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Situated in a residential area in London, the stylish property was a dream of Kelly’s, which finally became a reality. The family residence was an empty, massive space with no walls and one floor, a completely blank canvas for the interior designer who’s starting points were the impressive columns that are the core of the structure, linking the vast panels and staircase in the main space. Kelly Hoppen elegantly plays with texture and material, mixing different tones of wood and metals, something which is very characteristic of her world-renowned style and the basis of the entire project.

Kelly says: “My new home is very representative of me and where I am at this stage of my life. I was looking for something big and light and luxurious and this space encompasses all of those things. It is unique in every way. The space was totally derelict and looked like a worn-down warehouse when I first walked in. It was literally rubble but I knew it was something very special. The volume of light and the sheer amount of space is very difficult to find, especially in London. I love it and knew immediately that it was for me. It has become a very unique destination property.”



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The bespoke lighting in the entrance hall was designed by Herve Langlais for Galerie Negropontes. It is a great addition to the entrance design and draws beautiful vertical lines that emphasize the height of the ceiling. This is complemented by the large vertical shutters, oriental runner cupboard, a panel in specialist plaster and the lines in the sleek marble floor, that all reinforce the famous grid that Kelly designs with. The soft curves of the metal around the delicate round paper shades create the perfect balance.

The area is tastefully accessorized and decorated with flowers and black and white photographs. The round mirror was found at Les Puces flea market in Paris. It was originally found in a train station in Eastern Europe, on the side of the railway. A striking image of Marilyn Monroe by Gene Korman hangs in the entrance hall as well as the imposing photo of Mohamed Ali by Flip Schulke. These are part of the designer’s art collection that she has been gathering over the years. Hoppen used up-lighting for the sleek stairs that lead you to the main open-plan living area, adding to the elegance of the space.

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The long marble ledge that starts from the entrance steps, runs against the wall all the way to the study located on the other side of the living room. This creates continuity within the interior and is a stunning architectural feature. Hoppen also uses this to display pieces she has collected during her travels, her home jewelry and artwork, which is easily interchangeable depending on her mood and the season.


Living Room 

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Kelly has seductively designed the living room with her love of hosting in mind. Great wooden panels were added to the impressive pre-existing columns framing the room. These add monumentality to space, creating a grid from above and across the living room. The pendant lights above the seating area and dining table were lowered to balance out the interior design. Indeed, the balance was extremely important to bear in mind when designing this area of the house due to its vastness and open-plan nature.

The bespoke lighting can dramatically and softly light up the room, suiting all moods and ambiances. The stunning bubble lights above the seating area are designed by Kelly and stand in stark contrast to the straight lines of the lights above the dining table, yet they do not clash. The glass bubbles are almost floating and add to the balance of the main space. They were designed to see through, so as not to disrupt the impressive view.

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The golden disk floor lamp is a sculpture called the Ribot lamp by DeCastelli which adds fun to the living room space. Kelly designed the sofas and armchairs of the living area and some of the pieces are from her furniture range.

Art is very important to the designer who comes from a very creative family and has been collecting artwork for years. She wanted to be able to display it appropriately so when it came to designing her family home, she was adamant that the walls would be white and that she would have lots of ledges, to prop up her magnificent pieces, giving her flexibility with its positioning.


Dining Area

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Naturally lit during the day, the dining room overlooks the living room and kitchen. Often used for special occasions and evening meals, the dining area is full of character. A large bespoke Kelly Hoppen pendant light, that took half a year to be produced, elegantly hangs over the beautiful six meters stone dining table that can easily fit up to thirty guests. This was specifically designed for this interior and it is certainly the right piece for the right space.

The stunning wooden floors that are full of subtle warm tones also took half a year to be perfect. Hoppen says the highlighting of the wood was like going to John Frieda (hairdresser).


TV Room

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This lovely private TV room can either be open onto the main living room, thanks to its beautifully innovative lacquer pivot doors. These sleek rotating doors allow you to enjoy a film peacefully secluded from the rest of the house whilst also making a great visual impact, adding a new dimension to space design.

The large photograph behind the sofa is one of Kelly Hoppen’s favorite art items. It is a Peter Beard picture of a black-maned lion.



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This Murano glass owl is very special to the designer and has been part of her creative art collection for many years. The inlay of brass in the marble floor mixed with the specialist plaster and hidden lighting make this bathroom design very sexy, says the interior designer. The cube interlocking metal, brass, and black boxes add definition whilst balancing the white cube basin then adding an out of proportion mirror for fun.


Study Room

Kelly loves this study room as it embodies the kind of place where she would want to work and where her creativity can be unleashed. The art collection and books make this an alternative space to chill with splashes of autumnal colors. The Le Corbusier armchair upholstered in linen is just the right mix of natural materials and modernist design for this stylish home office.



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Kelly Hoppen always pays particular attention to the bathrooms she designs. The bathtub was once a disappearing aspect of the bathroom design but it has made a huge return and the bigger statement, the better. This particular bathtub is the result of Hoppen’s creative collaboration with the Australian bathware brand, apaiser. It is called the Origami and is inspired by the Japanese art that gives it its name. The Eastern influence is clear, thus staying in tune with the designer’s East meets West design philosophy. The ceramic side table is from Sé London. The interesting element here is the mix of lacquer panels with marble and wood. All the textures make this interior very inviting.


Walk-in Wardrobe

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Kelly’s fabulous walk-in wardrobe houses her collection of vintage clothes collected over many years and is every girl’s dream and the designer’s fashion sanctuary. The incredibly spacious dressing room houses all of Kelly’s stunning clothing and her many pairs of shoes! The interior is decorated with large sensual black and white photography and a lovely photograph of Kelly herself by David Bailey. The warm taupe vintage chairs are beautifully accompanied by two stools designed by India Mahdavi, which are used as side tables in this instance. Hoppen’s adored design pieces in this space are the stunning pendant lamps and the grandiose triple sided mirror.


Master Bedroom

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The master bedroom, designed around everything Kelly dreams of is sensual, luxurious and breathtakingly beautiful. The delicate bedside lamps from Ochre are framed by clever ribbed panels that are part of the doors downstairs and cleverly add symmetry to the design of the room. The chaise longue, designed by Kelly for her e-commerce store adds to the relaxed ambiance of this beautiful master bedroom as does the lovely Christian Liaigre bench in darker damask. The mirror on the dressing table has been sourced Rue De Lilles in Paris and the charming rugs were specially made for Kelly, who wanted something that looked like it was really old and had once been very fluffy but had been trodden down. The texture is everything in this wonderful bedroom.

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The view in this master bedroom is particularly noteworthy. There are fantastic viewpoints throughout the luxury property, however, this spectacular view of the huge open-plan living space is fit for a king!



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Kelly’s showstopper freestanding bathtub is her design in collaboration with the Australian bathware designer, apaiser. Made in reclaimed marble, this statement piece resembles the petals of a lotus flower and is inspired by a series of bowls that Hoppen designed for Wedgewood that, when stacked, created this incredible pattern and texture. Kelly has placed the bathtub on an elevated marble platform, lit up from underneath, for maximum impact. Concealed low-level floor lighting is an excellent way of washing the floor with light, creating an ambient effect. Niamh Barry was brought in to design this amazing loop chandelier for the master bathroom. The light loops surrounding the bath and above make you feel like you are floating in a very light cocoon.


Guest Bedroom

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This timeless guest bedroom is as strikingly designed as the rest of the London house. The designer wanted her guests to feel like they are in the Caribbean surrounded by home jewelry designed by Kelly Hoppen as well as vintage pieces. Dressed in a beautiful khaki shade, velvet, kinds of cotton and linens, the room exudes luxury and sophistication in decor.


Downstairs Bedroom

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Once again, Kelly has used pops of bright color in another guest bedroom decor. The designer loves using color in her artistic work. The bedside tables are vintage and were sprayed in fun blue lacquer to echo the color of the vintage chairs and accessories in the room. The walls are painted halfway up to create a cozy feel. The textures of the bed sheets are voluptuous and are matched by the iconic stool found next to it. The vibrant blue table is by India Mahdavi, a designer that Kelly Hoppen has always been a fan of. The vintage chalk shade hangs in the center of the bed, lighting it up and bringing additional brightness to the interior.



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Bringing nature into the home is very important to the designer, especially in a bathroom. It brings life into the bathroom and should always be viewed as part of the decorating palette as it refreshes the interior.

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