Airport Lounge Design – KLM Non-Schengen Crown Lounge

The new KLM Non-Schengen Crown Lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol features a brand-new look and décor, various digital innovations, and a whole new service and catering concept. After its grand opening in 2019, the Crown Lounge provides customers with an extraordinary and memorable experience. 

KLM Non-Schengen Crown Lounge – Why a New Lounge?

KLM’s ambition is to create the most attractive airport lounge in the world; one that brings the brand to life. The new lounge design concept perfectly fits the brand’s strategy, which focuses on superb hospitality and seamless customer experience. The new lounge greatly contributes to maintaining long-term relationships with its customers, while providing a unique opportunity to welcome new customers.

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Polder, Sea, City, and Sky Zone

A new kind of airport lounge experience – KLM Non-Schengen Crown Lounge provides a truly inspirational and personalized experience.

The KLM Non-Schengen Crown Lounge has a new décor allowing for a complete, new experience. Various areas are created to suit the different customer needs: The ‘Polder’ zone to work, the ‘Sea’ zone to relax, the ‘City’ zone to eat and drink, the ‘Dutch Mountain’ zone to be entertained, and the ‘Sky’ zone for fine dining.

Additionally, new hospitality concepts for food and drinks, a new form of service from the lounge employees, and digital innovations such as self-service access greatly contribute to this experience. Ultimately, the capacity is increased to anticipate the expected future growth of visiting (intercontinental) customers to the lounge.

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The design of the newly renovated KLM Non-Schengen Crown Lounge owns its glory to the renowned Dutch architectural agency Concrete Amsterdam.

The first floor with the ‘Sea’, ‘City’ and ‘Polder’ areas.  The second floor with the ‘Sky’ area. The iconic Dutch House serves as the entrance to the newly renovated lounge. 

The new airport lounge opened in two phases. The grand opening took place in 2019, the year in which KLM celebrates its 100th birthday.

New Location and Smooth Access

One of the new changes customers notice is the relocation of the entrance to ‘Holland Boulevard’ – between E and F piers – instead of the former location one level up. Thanks to its impressive entrance, the lounge is very easy to find. Customers can enter the lounge via escalator or elevator where personal lounge assistants welcome them. Quick access is possible by scanning one’s boarding pass at the self-service pillars.

For service questions, customers can use their devices by registering digitally in the lounge guide. This replaces the reception desk where customers queue up for questions.

Alternatively, customers can use one of the lounge kiosks or ask one of the personal lounge assistants to place them in the digital queue, after which personal lounge assistants will proactively approach customers and offer on-the-spot service.

The lounge assistants are also able to answer general questions in regards to KLM’s Flying Blue program. For more specific questions about the Flying Blue program, a video chat can be set up for the customer. All services aim to allow customers to have more time to enjoy all the lounge has to offer.

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New Catering Concept

Customers can now enjoy an improved catering concept, supplied by KLM’s partner, Vermaat. The new food & beverage concept offers stylish, high-quality, fresh seasonal products. The entire ‘City’ area offers a live cooking food and beverage concept.

Fine Dining Restaurant and Bar: Blue

In a high-end setting in the ‘Sky’ area on the second floor, customers can indulge themselves with excellent meals and drinks served in (paid) fine dining restaurant and adjacent bar ‘Blue’. Its signature menu is composed by Joris Bijdendijk of RIJKS®, Rijksmuseum’s Michelin star-awarded restaurant, created by Chef Jack Luteijn and accompanied by an exquisite wine list by young Dutch talent Terence Schenk. Blue also offers an attractive beverage room and outside terrace with a breathtaking view of the runways – unique in the world. Moreover, two private dining rooms are available for business or other meetings, to be reserved in advance at a fee. Blue Restaurant is open and fully up and running, 7 days a week.

‘Dutch Mountain’ Area 

This area offers a unique experience where customers can find various forms of entertainment;

An informal co-working area was created to facilitate connections between customers.

TV room

DJ booth for special events

Brand experience rooms

Dutch and KLM heritage showcases

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Sleep Cabins in ‘Sea Area’

In the ‘Sea’ area, customers can find showers and sleep cabins in an atmosphere designed to fully relax and recharge. Luxury sleep – the perfect environment for quality shut-eye and a soothing break from a long journey or transfer.

Sleep cabin facts: 

Access with a digital keycode

Queen size bed with luxurious linens and towel

Private sink with bespoke amenities

Free Wi-Fi and international plug system

LED/LCD TV with a personal welcome message and various TV channels

The ‘Sea’ area includes 20 sleep cabins.

Author: Ivana Radić, PResent Communications



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