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Creative Workshops: Colorful Decoration Ideas

Have fun in the world of creativity, find out about beautiful things around us, be inspired by design trends, think in colors, and discover your unique style of interior decorating.

Join us for creative workshops in October, November, and December on Saturdays, in Zagreb, Croatia. Find out more about decorating and designing residential and business spaces, and take home your creation – a decoration for your home or office that you will create with the support of our lecturers during the design workshop.

Creative Topics of Workshops and Lectures in October, November, and December

Autumn Decorating Ideas

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Harmony of colors and warmth of fabrics are the main elements of autumn decorations. How to combine colors, textures, materials, shapes, and styles, and what’s trendy this year – find out during our workshops.

Colors in Design (Trends, Styles, Schemes, Symbolism, Psychology)

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Colors are the magic wand of design, the source of design inspiration. So, let’s talk about the colors. For example, do you know which colors positively influence creativity, and which facilitate communication? How to choose colors for every room?

Holiday Table Decorations (Colors, Materials, Trends, Creative Inspiration, Table Setting)

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Would you like to know how colors and essential oils affect mood and appetite? Are you interested in getting more table arrangement ideas, or learning more about decorative napkin folding? Styles, trends, design tips, table setting – theory and practice. Join us for creative workshops in October, November, and December. Have a look at the segment for Dom na kvadrat (A Square of Home) TV show, filmed during one of Danica Maricic Interior Designer’s workshops. 

The making of various decorations (in the second part of each of the aforementioned workshops)

Hospitality décor (contact us for more information on this subject of education)

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Workshop presenter – Danica Maricic, Designer and Editor-in-Chief of the Global Web Magazine on Design, Architecture, and Travel –                                        

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Are You a Color Connoisseur?discover in this design and style quiz. 

Holiday Table Decorationsfind out more about my artistic workshop on arranging a table for holidays and festive occasions.

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By Danica Maričić

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