Small tiles, great world!

Keramika Modus / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

October 23, 2016

Products & Materials

Keramika Modus presented at Cersaie 2016 new collections of ceramic tiles labeled Made in Croatia through the slogan ‘Small tiles, great world!’


New collections from Keramika Modus simply make a huge difference in any space. We are giving you some of the reasons to make you stop, feel and live your interior decoration dreams with our brand new:

• dimensions (15×15 cm / 6″x6″, hex 20×23 cm / 8″x9″ and 10×30 cm / 4″x12″)
• design
• reliefs


There are no limits for making a perfect combo with small dimensions, interesting design and appealing reliefs. Send out your lifestyle message and share your personal story with fresh and inspiring Keramika Modus collections of tiles. Taste freedom to achieve your home goals & enjoy them without limits, no matter if you…

• Blend in Chic & Unigue small Originals on a statement wall.
• Say Yes to the Hex(agon) shape… wrapped up wall and floor!
• Meet lush with luxe to capture textures of urban life.
• Need a reminder that vintage never gets old and out of fashion.

Shop smart. Say less. Show more.
Lose yourself in combining in order to be found in your own style.
Vary shape, texture and design! Just imagine and play.
Take the most!
Experience how our tiles ‘work together’ and create a perfect balance in space.


Fior di Bosco
Signature stone collection.

Passion for rock-hard industrial style.

Keep calm. Choose soft and subtle.

Make Chic & Unique blend.

Photo Gallery:Small tiles, great world!