Exhaust hood – necessity and trend

Izabela Ninic, Architect

October 24, 2016

Products & Materials

Exhaust hood, as an essential element of equipment in every kitchen, it becoming ever more visually expressive, but also technologically more sophisticated. Modern hoods are characterized by quality materials and superior performance, and easy installation and maintenance. Hoods are becoming smart systems that, thanks to connectivity, sensor technology and mobile applications, improve air quality in the home, without exposure to noise.


New models communicate with cooking ranges and are able to detect the amount and quality of steam and odors, and special filters absorb even the strongest odors. Energy class of such devices is high, and the filtering capacity is much higher than the standard.


Design of modern hoods is such that it enhances the details and materials. Regardless of whether it is a ceiling mounted or an island hood, when electing a hood it is important to determine how the hood will be visually emphasized. When island mounted, it is already more expressive in itself. In the context of the trends you can choose a sophisticated design, rustic or technological.


Sophisticated design is simple with visually attractive lines that perfectly combine with all styles and moods, and you can not go wrong with such a selection. It will give the rustic style a touch of elegance, and will further emphasize it. This design direction often visually masks the hood so it is seen as a light fixture in the room.


The rustic appearance of the hood is largely achieved with the use of wooden paneling or composite materials that mimic wood. This is a distinctly modern material so you will not go wrong if you decide on the wooden theme in the kitchen. These hoods are perfectly combined with the kitchens of simple lines and refined atmosphere.


Industrial style is very much present in modern kitchens, which makes the choice of such a hood a logical one, if you decide on this option.


It is very important to note that, regardless of the style and appearance, high-tech hoods are in the high price range. Balance your needs and desires, to make the hood with its function and appearance the ideal choice for your space.


Photo: Elica

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