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Dielle Presents MODUS – Living System for the Bedroom Area

An innovative concept for living to live the interior design with irony, functionality, and creativity.

Dielle, Doimo Group company specialized in manufacturing rooms for kids and children presents a new living system for the night area. Modus by Dielle is indeed the new concept of the brand aimed to propose ideal furnishings to decorate with creativity and ingenuity the bedroom of adults.

With Modus, Dielle so elects to expand its catalog creating a design characterized by high aesthetic content and an important study of the needs of the modern consumer. Today, more and more homes must obey certain requests for multifunctionality, despite the small size that, sometimes, characterizes them. Just from here comes the need to furnish the habitat with space-saving and integrated complements which however do not neglect the appearance and the design.

Therefore, beautiful and functional are the keywords to furnish a contemporary house in line with the needs of a modern consumer. And precisely in view of that, Dielle choose to propose Modus, a creative solution able to transform the night area into a space with great versatility of composition, to be furnished according to your taste and personality.

In fact, in Modus, the perfect integration between the modular furniture systems allows you to create free compositions – always current and modern – that interpret the spaces of the house with refined elegance.

Absolute protagonists of the Modus collection are the composition Cubik, the bedroom Compact, the bed solution Container, and the Modus system cabinets.



Innovative Design for a Contemporary Style

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A modern design composition that ironically takes the image of the canopy bed but enriches it with new design meanings. Cubik is composed of an equipped bed with deep drawers and open units perfectly integrated with the compartments, placed in the upper part of the solution. A proposal that comes out of the traditional schemes in order to create an innovative, stylish and functional space. A setting designed to provide all the features typical of the sleeping area but designed to interpret with originality and unconventionality the aesthetic choices of the modern consumer.



An Integrated Solution with a Strong Aesthetic Impact

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Compact is the ‘’space-saving’’ composition for excellence because it results from the integration between the bed and the walk-in closet: a compact solution but extremely refined that furnishes the bedroom with a touch of elegant practicality. The functionality of the composition is also guaranteed by comfortable drawers placed under the bed and by a night table perfectly integrated into the structure. In a single complement, the space for rest and the space of the containment is proposed. 



Small Spaces Organized with Creativity

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Container is a unique project in its kind as it has a bed, a walk-in closet, and an equipped compartment in a single solution. The bed, indeed, is placed in the upper part of the composition ensuring the formation of a dressing space below equippable as desired with shelves, hanging rails, and a chest of drawers. Container allows so to recover 4 sqm of space that become 6 cube meters of containment: a great design advantage that is translated in a better organized and extremely appealing night area.



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To complete the innovative housing project signed Dielle there is a new Style wardrobe system, a new line of wardrobes with hinged doors, adjustable in width with the predisposition for housing the TV, which is fixed on a removable panel for the perfect orientation. An ideal wardrobe system for a young and essential room is characterized by the availability of multiple accessories: chest of drawers, pullout trays, and pullout clothes hanging rail. All this to create a multifunctional night area where space and containment exigences are perfectly integrated to the demands of high aesthetic design.



A Space-Saving Solution Looking Natural Chic

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Genius is an essential and refined composition, perfect even when you are two to share the room. The capacity of the wardrobe and the particular opening of its doors allow for exploit all the available internal volume. Also, the furnishing element with the desk gives you the opportunity to create a corner dedicated to the study without the clutter of misplaced objects. A practical and functional solution that harmoniously integrates the time of study, play, and rest.



Game and Fantasy for a Perfectly Equipped Room

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The composition was created by the combination of different elements and finishes that,¸integrated together, create a dynamic and functional room at the same time. Tops and compartments fit perfectly with the wardrobe that presents itself as a furnishing element with a shaped worktop. The texture lines, the platform in wood, and the comfortable textile upholstery of the bed valorize the rest and relax in a context of original furnishings and attention to every detail.



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