Dark Brown Color is Trendy

Izabela Ninic, Architect

May 1, 2016

Products & Materials

For those who are prone to elegance, refinement and somewhat duller colors, the latest trends offer an ideal story – introduce brown color into your home!


You can introduce it to any room – living room, dining room and bedroom.


In the living room it is used on the sitting set and furniture. With this choice, it is recommended to introduce another trendy color in the details. The red color is an excellent choice for a refined atmosphere of home. Coffee tables and decorative items in red will be the ideal choice.


Another choice for those who prefer a dynamic and attractive space is the introduction of yellow and blue. 


It is desirable to illuminate the dark elements of furniture with LED lighting and decorate them with bright decorative items. In this way, the color will again to reach its maximum expression!


It is desirable to introduce the brown color into the dining room through tables and chairs, or the surrounding walls and floors. If the floors and walls are dark, a carpet and a dining room table should give a contrast. With this combination you will be achieving a scenic effect, which is very attractive.


For those who want somewhat lighter spaces, it is possible to introduce a dark brown color into details of furniture – body of the closet and individual pieces of furniture. The top of the dining room table can be brighter, and table legs in brown color. Such combinations are very interesting, sophisticated and create great creative possibilities.


The bedroom is the space in which a selection dark brown as the base color can be excellent. Wardrobes should be simple, but the play of dark glass inside with dark brown frames is an elegant choice. Simplicity has been achieved, but also the dynamics and beauty.


With this harmony it is possible to combine any color, and dark blue is an excellent choice for the bedroom. Besides being trendy, it is very soothing. For those who lack vibrancy, it is enough to add some yellow details! Don’t forget about asymmetric lighting and shapes of the nightstands!


Rediscover all the beauty of colors and be trendy in a new and interesting way!

Photo: LEMA

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