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5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Blue Color

Discover blue color inspiration for your entrance area, bedroom, home office, bathroom, living room. 


With Dulux announcing that the color of the year for 2022. is ‘Bright Skies’, Stuart Clark – interior expert of the Australian company Victory Curtains and Blinds shares his top tips for styling your homes with blue color.

Create First Impressions at the Entrance

A blue front door is known to symbolize elegance and tranquility, the perfect first impression for visitors to your home. A blue door will go well for all seasons of the year. In the spring and summer, blue will cool down your space and warm it up in the autumn and winter months.


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Mix Shades and Colors in the Bedroom

One of the advantages of blue is that it goes well with many other colors. For example, in the bedroom, layering multiple textures and patterns of blue with whites and creams will create a calming interior space. To add essential warmth to the bedroom, simply throw in darker accessories like cushions.


Decorate Your Office or Home Office

Along with being a calming color, darker tones like navy convey a feeling of authority, which makes it perfect for formal settings like a home office. Navy shades can be combined with bright colors like yellow and gold which both reflect the light and will bring a touch of glamour to your workspace.

Unleash Your Nautical Side in the Bathroom

Blue is a key component in many decorating styles, including the nautical style. This style decorates many bathrooms and this effect can be achieved by placing towels or accessories with blue stripes. Alternatively, blue patterned tiles on the floor or around the walls to highlight your shower area are also key ways to incorporate the nautical style into your bathroom.


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Design a Focal Point in the Living Room

Blue tints, tones, and shades can draw attention to the features of a living room. A pop of turquoise can be bold and placed either to highlight a feature wall in your living room or for something more subtle like a piece of artwork on a shelf.




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