Focus on Tables – Creativity and Environmental Awareness


April 14, 2016

Eco Design

Dialma Brown has always had, as main purpose, the will to furnish any space of your house, from the living room to the bedroom, in a very unique way. In a house, a table is always necessary. Tables are very useful, but they can also be a refined piece of design if they are well made and have a distinctive style. If we add that the attention to environment has become more and more important, then Dialma Brown has decided to “give birth” to a new series of tables which put together creativity and environmental awareness.

Wooden inlays create geometric decorative patterns on the table tops and bases and are all made with recycled old pine wood, which expresses a “lived-in” look, as if this table has always been in your house. Wood, whose volume and consistence is enhanced by a modular, customizable perspective effect, is also combined with welded metal and cement. These two cold elements par excellence, blended with the warmth of wood, generate an unexpected effect, which gives a metropolitan and industrial touch to the room.

DB004472 – Coffee table with natural wooden base and welded metal top. The tangible support of the old pine gives concreteness and substance to the smooth, ethereal and mirrored metal.


DB004420 – The geometric hour-glass shaped table splits perspective: its base stands on the natural solidity of the wood, bearing a fresh, metal top which stretches upwards enlarging the space and making the whole design element a non-conventional geometry.


DB004447 – The hexagonal, recycled-wood coffee tables have three different dimensions made of old pine slices, with a cement top.


DB004452 – This metal and wood table represents the perfect mixture between wild naturalness and metal limpidity. The squared, linear design of the metal frames and enhances the warm and unpredictable shape of the wood, bridling its strength in a unique furnishing element. 


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