Attractive home decoration

Izabela Ninic, Architect

February 14, 2016

Products & Materials

Decorations give a strong “impression” to the interior, and often determine its stylistic affinities. Details, which decorate the space, should be chosen carefully to stress the desired feel, and not smother it with bad choices or surplus items.


The most common decorative items are paintings and sculptures. Paintings should be placed according to the surface. Large art paintings, which dominate by their individual exhibition on the wall, look very strong in space, just like larger sculptures situated freely in space. Works of art are an unmistakable choice in the service of home decoration.


Artificial flowers have always been popular, and in their modern versions with decorative pots they become a real decoration of the space.

Greenery represents a remarkable ornamental decoration of any home, but as decoration it is recommended for those who will give it their utmost attention. Although it requires certain care, greenery fills the space in a special way with its presence. It is not advisable to put it in the kids rooms or bedroom, i.e., generally into areas intended for sleeping.


Mirrors are excellent decorative items that can optically increase the space with its presence or additional highlight it with reflection. Larger or smaller mirrors with attractive frames can stand alone on a prominent wall, above the commode or be integrated with furniture.


Effective decorations of space are achieved by standing lamps, which decorate with their design and light which they disperse into space. The design and style of the lamp may be independent of the rest of the furniture, especially when the lamp is treated as a decorative item, and not just as a light.


An effective way of decorating children’s rooms is to create a “decorative wall” – i.e., a place where children will exhibit their works and thus determine the identity of their room. Part of the wall can be covered in a way that it becomes a drawing board on which kids can create their new daily creations and decorations.


Be original, and in addition to standard decorative items, which you can buy, make something special yourself, surprise yourself and others and make your home a special place.


photo: Zanotta

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