Villa Diyafa Boutique-hotel & Spa, Rabat, Morocco

Studio Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet Press

February 11, 2016


Right in the heart of the Ambassadors district, Rabat has welcomed its first boutique hotel of which the interior design and decoration is signed by the Studio Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet in
November, 2014.


Villa Diyafa is a 5-star hotel imagined as an exceptional private villa. It offers its guests ten luxurious suites, a private residence, a gourmet restaurant, a bar and a spa, all of which is surrounded by a landscaped garden with a swimming pool.


The spirit of the place is a tribute to the famous Zyriab, who lived in the ninth century, not only was he one of the main figures in the history of Arab-Andalusian music but also a pioneer in the fields of fashion, gastronomy, poetry and astronomy which he imported to Andalusia. He was a unique aesthete, who dedicated his entire life to the art of living in all its forms.


Each space and each of their composing elements were designed by the Studio Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet to give a particular identity to this place, to create an interaction that is both intimate
and precious, which celebrates through its decorative choices, the reconciliation of Moroccan and Western traditions.


Contemporary settings, bathed by the brightness from the glossy white stuccos, are punctuated by the natural colours of leather, wood and stone with the warm, deep colours of Morocco. It is a balancing act between tradition and modernity, so as to offer guests refined and privileged settings.


The reception is adorned with hundreds of firefly lamps reflecting the warmth of the welcome that will be reserved in this residence. The main lounge, The Majlis, is illuminated by a chandelier that is both monumental and delicate, it sublimates the exceptional volumes of this area. Sofas suites covered with shimmering textiles are arranged on thick rugs around tables of reinterpreted Moroccan design.


This leads on to the bar, where the lighting fixtures, hide rugs, inlaid tables, come together with the parquet to create an intimate and friendly space.


The restaurant, protected by screens of embossed leather, lit by flares and its candle chandelier is an elegant setting to enjoy the cuisine of its chef Khalid Benghallem.


All these spaces open onto the main terrace and the gardens. As we follow the seguia, or irrigation channel, lined by palms that mark the main perspective, we discover cosy lounges and a semi
Olympic pool.


Upstairs, the Moroccan library with its deep, warm tones, offers a confidential space around its inlaid wooden fireplace. It opens onto a terrace overlooking the gardens. It is adjoined by a study that can be privatised. On the same floor, there is also a boardroom decorated in tawny tones. A soothing and comfortable space, where the latest technologies are present, but discreetly hidden behind the panelling or in our lacquered cabinet “The Cabinet of Hours”.


The 10 suites are inspired by the seasonal colour codes that Zyriab had set for the art of wearing clothes. Spring and pastel colours evoking renewal, with summer being made up of white and sunny
colours. The atmosphere is a hymn to shade and light, so typical of Morocco, through the effects of light coming through the lighting fixtures made of laser-cut leather or leather lacing, and vertical wooden trellises.


Berber Necklace, an artistic composition of silk thread and framed embroidery dot the white walls of the suites.

The bathroom combines whiteness and the taupe tones of natural stone, which become a piece or art engraved above the bathtub. Each suite has its own garden or terrace overlooking the hotel’s
beautiful protected garden.


North of the garden, a private villa, The Residence, offers a unique experience with its 500 square meters of indoor and outdoor spaces. Private garden and swimming pool, outdoor lounge, living
room, dining room and upstairs a prestigious suite with steam room and private treatment room make it an exceptional place.


Finally, the spa offers a fitness room that opens directly onto the pool and gardens, a hair salon and two treatment suites. A world bathed in powdered orange and black and lit by flares to provide a
timeless moment dedicated to well-being.


Photo Gallery:Villa Diyafa Boutique-hotel & Spa, Rabat, Morocco