A Step Away from Heaven

Pedrali Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

February 9, 2016

Contract Furniture

Pedrali chairs furnish the stations of the Mont Blanc Skyway cableway 

With a design that takes its inspiration from ice crystals and the reflections of snow, the new Mont Blanc Skyway cableway is a truly great engineering work which, in just 19 minutes, takes you up to 3466 metres, a step away from heaven. The design, by architect Carlo Cillara Rossi, was coordinated by the company Dimensione Ingegnerie, while the implementation was entrusted to the Cordée Mont Blanc consortium on Doppelmayr Italia ropeways technique. The new cableway reaches Punta Helbronner along two segments on a new track, replacing the three previous installations. 


The environments of the three futuristic stations vary in purpose and style: bars, restaurants, retail areas, entertainment services and panoramic terraces. The interior design, by architects Roberto Rosset and Danilo Montovert, has stayed in tune with the exterior architecture, characterised by large windows, significant heights and visible structures, taking its inspiration from the altitude in the choice of materials for each station. For the starting station of Pontal d’Entréves (1300 m above sea level) which welcomes visitors, the chosen element is wood, for Pavillon du Mont-Fréty (2172 m above sea level), the intermediate station with a focus on tourism infrastructure, wood and sheets of etched iron, and for Punta Helbronner (3462 m above sea level), the highest station surrounded by rocks, snow and ice, black sheet metal, white Corian and glass. 


The rooms dedicated to food service have been set out using design elements combined with furnishing solutions from Italian company Pedrali. The Malmö collection of chairs with a Scandinavian taste has been chosen for the Restaurant Bar Bellevue located in the intermediate station of Pavillon du Mont-Fréty. In particular, the bleached ash chairs match the large curved bar counter covered with vertical light oak slats. The armchairs, upholstered and covered in grey fabric, on the other hand, sit well in the Dames Anglaises dining room, characterised by furniture and wood panelling made up of oak panels of three different shades with an irregular pattern.


The polypropylene chairs of the Volt collection feature in the Bistrot des Glaciers at the Punta Helbronner station. The fact that they are stackable, lightweight and look like minerals, due to their goffered finish and anthracite grey colour, made them suitable for the highest venue which, is characterised by the presence of a pure white prism consisting of a bar counter made from lacquered glass and a Corian wall.


Photos: Daniele Domenicali


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