Enjoy the water effects in the bathroom

Izabela Ninic, Architect

February 6, 2016

Bathroom & Spa

Bathroom has a significant role throughout the year. During the winter it is used by many to worm up in a bathtub filled with hot water, and in the summer to enjoy the cooling jets of cold water. Besides the effect of relaxation and cooling, additional comfort is provided by hydromassage, whose nozzles can be installed in a horizontal tub or spa block, which is mounted on the wall next to the shower. Hydromassage jets are very sensitive and can easily become clogged, so when buying these types of bathtubs or hydro blocks consult about the ways and means necessary for their proper maintenance.


Dimensions and ergonomics of the tub are extremely important for comfort when lying in the bath. If you are installing a bathtub in the bathroom with the goal of true relaxation, choose a larger size, (length of 170 cm or 180 cm), so that you can comfortably stretch out in it.

Larger showers have more space and an opportunity for children to play in the shower or for partners to cool under the shower together. Minimum recommended dimensions of such a bathtub are 120 cm x 80 cm.


In order to feel more freedom and have greater view while enjoying the water effects, install a bathtub or shower cabin made of transparent glass. That way you will not feel trapped in a small space, and it will make the bathroom itself look bigger.

View, which stretches from the bathroom, can be a significant factor in the creation of its quality. Although bathrooms are often without windows or with very small windows, the most beautiful sight is the view of nature, freed of adjacent yards and passersby.


Decorate your bathroom with decorative items, plants, scented candles, which create an especially romantic and relaxing atmosphere. To enter the natural atmosphere, complete bathroom wall can be covered in stone, specially treated wood or other some other material, which tolerates wet conditions well. If you have a large bathroom, arrange a part of it as its main part, and other part as a small spa area with special decorations, because it is designed exclusively for enjoyment and relaxation.

Improve the quality of time spent in the bathroom by investing into its equipment. Although this requires reflection and financial investment, the end result will surely delight you!


Photo: Dornbracht

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