Staircases and railings

Izabela Ninic, Architect

November 16, 2015

Products & Materials

Staircases and railings are imposed as necessary elements to overcome the height differences and for protection, which can make every interior or exterior more interesting and attractive.

Single flight, double, spiral, curved …, made of wood, stone, glass… the selection depends on the size of the space in which they are placed, and the individual taste and style of the material which is prevalent in the area. The possibilities for the construction of attractive interior staircases are endless!


The first and most important intervention when designing staircases is to meet all the static requirements. Without the necessary stability and strength the staircase can not satisfy its function.


The next important requirement is to achieve the necessary slip resistance. By choosing rough finishes or placing non-slip tape, you will solve this problem.


Ensuring a protective railing with a minimum height of 105 cm is also an important factor for the proper and safe functioning of a staircase. Often, to achieve attractive interior design, stair railings are excluded, but such solutions can be carried out exclusively in private areas and at your own risk.


The richness of a staircase expressed through the selection and processing of materials can highlight the decorating style you have chosen. Transparent staircases with glass railings will make the area more attractive, and will look elegant and unobtrusive. Lighting integrated in the staircase can result in high quality interior solutions, which at night turn into a lighting fixture and a central point of space.


The type of the railing should be adapted to the staircase so that the complete spatial element can give an impressive aesthetic experience. Pronounced and attractive construction of the staircase should be emphasized by transparent railing that will primarily have a protective role. Made of wood, metal, glass or wrought iron, they will leave their mark on the interior or exterior and emphasize the stylistic affiliation. Railings carried out in a combination of materials can include the material that appears as the final coating of the stairs or be a link with other elements of space – furniture or wall coverings. Railings are not only a protective element, they are, as well as the staircases, decoration of the space and their form should be given the attention it deserves.


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