Morelato – Contemporary Modular Systems to Organize Any Space

Giuffrida Bragadin Srl / Morelato Press

November 15, 2015

Products & Materials

Morelato, situated in the Verona area, still preserves the spirit of the traditional and artisan cabinetmakers. The Morelato production is based on the pursuit of stylistic and formal perfection, reflected in the refined and contemporary style of the furniture, keeping also an eye on design innovation.


Morelato has produced for you a series of modular systems that are perfect to organize any space, from the office to the walk-in closet. You can customize and adjust these systems according to your space and needs. The attention to detail is clearly visible in the products shown.



Design by Centro Ricerche MAAM


Wall unit made of cherry wood with a natural finish which perfectly fits the red-lacquered internal part. The unit is here presented with two side open side columns with adjustable shelves, and two central horizontal elements with sliding doors in glass.


White lacquered proposal for Dionisi Villa in Cà del Lago di Cerea, near Verona. 900 modular bookcase made of cherry wood. Open elements with 5 drawers base. You can customize the modular system with glass and wooden doors. 3 upper modules with glass doors. Adjustable shelves on wooden ladder.


This version of 900 modular bookcase is made of cherry wood. 3 modules with central open element and lower wooden doors. Upper hinged glass door elements. Adjustable shelves on wooden ladder. 



Design by Centro Ricerche MAAM


President is a modular system of impressive size. The structure is completely made of solid cherry wood. A composition that can be customized in wood finishing and in the choice of doors; open or with glass or wooden doors. The Direttorio style is characterized by a simplification of lines and decoration aspects in favor of more classic geometric lines.

The bookcase Direttorio in the picture below is made of cherry wood, with 3 central elements with glass and wooden hinged doors and 3 upper glass doors elements. Adjustable shelves on wooden ladder. 


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