Interior Project in Suresnes, France by Sophie Jacqmin

Sophie Jacqmin Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

November 4, 2015


Renowned interior designer Sophie Jacqmin presents her interior design project in Suresnes, France. Her inspirations for this project came from the riverbanks of the Seine, the gardens of Ile Saint Germain, and Bois du Boulogne as she designed this space to enhance the region’s natural yet urban setting.

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With a variety of themes in mind including nature, autumnal colors, and board games, Sophie Jacqmin created a space of well-being decorated in a refined and contemporary style. This residence offers a wide range of bright and spacious apartments decorated in soft hues that complement the natural elements of the region. The common areas act as friendly and welcoming extensions for each individual apartment.



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The entrance hall opens up onto a large living space where the graphic vocabulary of board games is present. This reading and game room proudly displays warm color tones in order to facilitate intimacy between the residents. The bookshelf, which is the central element, was carved out of a wooden block designed to resemble a game board. Incredibly versatile, the different compartments of this bookshelf can be used for books, light fixtures as well as decorative accessories.

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The restaurant expands on and highlights the autumnal colors and natural landscapes of the region where the residence is located. Through the materials and color tones used, Sophie Jacqmin invites nature into this oasis of tranquillity.

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