Autumn in your home

Izabela Ninic, Architect

November 3, 2015

Products & Materials

“Autumn” interiors create an exceptionally pleasant spatial experience, making them a favorite for all generations. The wanted atmosphere can be achieved through different styles of decoration, and this is one of the reasons why autumn is so much a source of creativity in home furnishing.


The color palette runs from shades of dark green, yellow, ocher, orange, and red to luxurious brown. The warm atmosphere of home is emphasized further with natural materials, mostly wood with visible structure and texture and style of decoration.


Yellow is one of the dominant colors found in nature in autumn. Apply yellow as one of the primary colors in the interior.  If you want to calm down coloristic experiences in the living room, choose shades from cream to brown color in combination with wood as a material that runs through the elements of furniture.


The dining room is an extremely important part of the home, so take particular care in the selection of colors and materials, which will surround you while you enjoy your meals. If the autumn is a source of inspiration, do not hesitate to introduce wood in the interior, and the whole atmosphere can be spiced u with golden tones. Decorate the dining room table with decorative vessels, e.g. glass ones that will enable the autumn fruits that they contain to be visible.


For better relaxation in the bedroom, choose soothing shades of the autumn color palette. In addition to standard shades of yellow and brown, introduce some bronze, which may appear on decorative pillows and will elevate the whole atmosphere to a more refined level.


To make your time spent in the kitchen as pleasant as possible, select colors that will create a cozy ambience by themselves. The combination of brown and orange tones will create a warm and dynamic spatial atmosphere in the kitchen. Rustic kitchens are by their design much closer to the introduction of natural atmosphere then the modern minimalist ones.


Autumn is inspiring with its transformations in nature, so allow her to inspire you in your autumn home decoration!

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