Introduce harmony into your space

Izabela Ninic, Architect

October 29, 2015

Products & Materials

Unbalanced relationship between the elements in space leads to feelings of unease even when we are not aware of the elements that create it. Nicely decorated rooms will help better relaxing and faster learning and concentrating.


The introduction of harmony into space is simple with the use of colors. If you have elements with incompatible styles in your interior, then connect them with color that will dominate the space and put their differences to the background. Enhance the effect with details and decorative fabrics in the same or similar color.


Symmetrical positioning of elements will introduce calm and regular rhythm into space. You can play with symmetry in any room of the apartment, and even when designing elements of furniture or the kitchen.


Perfect harmony is achieved by thoughtfully combining the materials, which can accentuate, but also calm the spatial atmosphere. If you choose a material with a distinctive color, structure and texture, apply it in a way that sets it in the foreground and apply it trough various elements, e.g. floors, doors, shelves, etc. In this way you form balanced surfaces in space.


You can simply highlight harmony in space with decorative details, which may appear alone or as applications on the furniture. The same, but in different sizes and different, but in the same colors, will be sufficient to establish clear relationships in space, which they dominate.


Grouping of elements or objects creates harmonious relations in space. Chaos is often made by irregularly arranged books, decorative items, paintings on the walls, etc. Clear formation of zones, which ate used to accommodate specific items, introduces clarity, order and transparency.


Harmonious interior will be the one that has stylishly coordinated furniture and additional atmosphere will be enhance with the application of the same or similar colors. Stylistic connection of furniture, curtains, draperies, decorative fabrics and accessories creates a clear picture of the space and the atmosphere to be achieved.


Striving for harmonious spatial relationships reflects the aspiration for a harmonious life. If you want to achieve it, start with the interior of your own home where you finish and start each new day…

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