Four Kitchen Types

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October 27, 2015

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People and Their Kitchens: What Kitchens Reveal about Their Owners

Show me your kitchen and I’ll tell you whom you are – there’s hardly another room that expresses someone’s personality as clearly as the kitchen that he or she picked out and furnished. With just one glance of a kitchen you can see which needs it has to fulfill: is it first and foremost intended to be functional or a showpiece? Is it just used to quickly prepare the essentials or is there time and love here devoted to cooking? Is the kitchen a place of coming together or a workspace? And what about the aesthetics and the design? Here we present people and kitchens that go perfectly together.

The Design-Conscious Architect. She lives in the big city and is at home all over the world. She planned and furnished her spacious loft herself. She loves clear forms, minimal design and a functional aesthetic. But accents and contrasts are permitted as well. She consciously combines designer furniture with her grandmother’s antique dresser. Extensive photo wallpaper brings a little nature into the city. The kitchen mirrors her urban lifestyle: open, spacious with a lot of room for self-expression. Her washbasin is called Timeline from Villeroy & Boch, the distinctive faucet for it is Steel Shower made of brushed stainless  steel. The completely smooth, sleek design of the spacious washbasin is perfect for flush mounting – stylish and highly functional.



And she also likes: She sets the table with La Classica Contura. The classic design of the dishes is inspired by the unique architectural  beauty of the  domes and rotundas of large European cathedrals. The velvet white of the Premium Bone Porcelain and the graphic ornamentation of the décor is further refined by the platinum highlights. And even in the bathroom she’s dedicated to straight lines. With her minimalist design language the premium collection Memento is an expression of the highest design competence.

The modern country woman. She has a house with a garden and children and pets. She plants her own herbs and maybe lettuce and vegetables too. Everything is all natural. And there are flowers too – in all colours, abundant at every time of year. She always cooks fresh food for her family – ideally locally and seasonally. She works away happily in the kitchen. Yes, traditionally, but with modern convenience. The coffee machine is just as welcome here as the washbasin from Villeroy & Boch, which touts simplicity with its timeless form and forgoes everything nonessential – it’s ideal for modern country and eat-in kitchens. In the large basin baking trays can be cleaned easily and large pots can be filled. The washbasin when combined with the expressive Avia faucet – which is also available decorated – is optimally equipped for daily life in the kitchen that’s full of joy.


She also likes: The splendor of blooming flowers is called for all year long. The colourful dishes Mariefleur, which are inspired by the Monet garden in Giverny, brings the irresistible flair of a colourful, fragrant summer garden to the set table. Even the bathroom has a floral theme: the round countertop Loop & Friends was specially decorated with blue blos- soms and borders for the furniture range True Oak, which itself was handmade with specially selected oak.



The ambitious hobby chef. Cooking for him is a passion. The washbasin is often placed on an island. The kitchen is the place where he can expressive himself completely. “Experimentation and trial and error” is his motto. And everything is only ever good when it’s  perfect. He values professional equipment like the washbasin Metric Art from Villeroy & Boch, with its impressive spaciousness. The distinctive ceramic is also a bold statement for functionality and design. Of course, a pull-down spray nozzle like Como Shower made of stainless steel, which feels just right in his hand and makes light work of all the kitchen utensils is included as well.


He also likes: Sharp knives like the new Cooking Elements are a must in his kitchen. Regardless of whether with stainless steel or ceramic blades, a selection of knives for diverse applications is essential. And all without changing containers, fresh vegetables and tender fish filets are carefully prepared in a modern steamer and brought directly to the table in the exclusive serving dish, which Villeroy & Boch developed with Miele. High-tech is in style in the bathroom too: the innovative shower ViClean provides a new dimension to bathroom hygiene and a very special clean and fresh feeling.



The smart start-up single. He finished college and immediately started his own company – he loves his independence, professionally and personally. The 60-hour week is the rule and one meeting follows the next. He has no time for complicated cooking projects. For him everything has to be fast, practical and functional. Even the washbasin: a large undermounting basin is a good choice. The 60s single basin from Villeroy & Boch’s Subway washbasin family is ideal. Trendy with a clear, modern design and highly functional, it’s just perfect for small kitchens too because the single basin solution saves space, but still offers all the practical advantages and is an optical highlight.


He likes this too: Cultivated understatement with a weakness for branded goods? Then Artesano Original is perfect because its dishes have many multifunctional pieces in an uncomplicated design and they work in many combinations. They’re just as great for a quick breakfast on the go as for a date on the weekend. And in the bathroom he has the rimless DirectFlush WC Subway 2.0, which in place of a traditional water rim has an intelligent water system and a special splashguard on the upper edge of the bowl. The innovative flush technology only requires 3 or 4.5 liters of water and the completely glazed WC is clean in a flash.



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