Handmade Soft Furnishings Create a Warm and Cosy Ambience

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October 15, 2015

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Redecorating for winter, this deep orange colour uplifts the interior with energy and warmth simultaneously. Cosying up in the living room to spend your cold winter evenings couldn’t be more comfortable with this range of soft, warm and lovingly handmade soft furnishings.


Exclusively handcrafted to perfection, the interlined curtains block off all that cold from the outside and create a warm ambience within this living room.

Creating that perfect blend of lines and curves, the curtains on one side of the living room combined with the linear qualities of the roman blind on the other give the window treatments great variation. However, the consistency of the same material makes both windows appear to be part of one family.


The gorgeously added grey trimming divides up the fabric to create the perfect aesthetic proportions.

It’s the smaller details that always work wonders to tie the interior together. The orange velvet florals on the soft piped cushions sit beautifully against the latte wall colour. 


All items are exclusively handmade to order by HSNQ Soft Furnishings.

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