Fire as an attraction in space

Izabela Ninic, Architect

October 14, 2015

Living & Dining Room

Fire has always created a special atmosphere, whether in exterior or interior space.


Bioethanol fireplaces are ideal for introducing the element of fire, because they are easily available, do not require the installation of a chimney, are easy to maintain and attractive. They can be placed in both exterior and interior spaces, can be flexible and the story of fire can spread throughout the home.


Fireplaces can be freestanding or installed on a wall, can serve as a spatial barrier or a link. The classic way is to install them on a wall, as an imitation of a real fireplace, while movable versions of the fireplace are integrated into coffee tables or even more innovative and attractive as standalone decorative elements.


Very attractive solutions are the ones in which the bioethanol fireplace is positioned in a vibrant area of the living room or dining room, in a way that it separates or connects this spaces. By creating a circular relationship, the element of fire is visible from all positions in the living room and therefore has the maximum effect. It can be designed as a standalone element or as a part of the furniture.


If you want to create a small corner to relax, for reading a book by the fire, place the fireplace in the discrete part of the space and create a pleasant atmosphere. This setup will be equally attractive and pleasant.


For those who do not want to emphasize the fireplace, but want occasional visual effects of fire in their home, it is recommended to introduce the fireplace as an integral part of the coffee table or a TV stand. These solutions are very elegant and refined, and the fire further adds to the visual elegance of the home.


The second version is the introduction of a standalone fireplace that is designed as a decorative element.


When positioning the fire in space it is important to customize the functionality and appearance of the space to what we want to achieve. If it is an open fireplace, make sure that its setup is such that there can be no injury or damage to furniture, and this is particularly important if there are small children in the house.


Enjoy the effect of a fire, because it is unique!


Photo: Glamm Fire

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