Trends in Children’s Room Decor

Izabela Ninic, Architect

September 1, 2015

Bedroom & Kids Room

It is time to prepare for school and the children’s room is becoming the center of interest for the family. Whether we are talking about existing or new rooms, there are several decorative details that will make this space trendy!

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A trend that is also present in the adult world is the introduction of a child’s world through colors and designs. Add colors like red, gray, orange, pink, yellow and the inevitable blue. Combine all this with details in wood. You will get a very interesting “patchwork” structure of the children’s room.

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A further step in creativity is the introduction of a drawing board. This board can become an area for expressing feelings and thoughts of your child, and a place for playing and learning. Carefully combine it with other colors.

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Photo wallpapers with a macro pattern are very trendy and you can use them in the children’s room. Print your child’s favorite characters in large formats and position them to the prominent parts of the wall.

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Motifs of nature are also trendy so grab wallpapers with such motives and glue them on a part of the wall or the bed. This will be a small detail that will attract a lot of attention!

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Introduce retro details to children’s rooms, because they are an indispensable part of the trend. One way is to install new handles in a retro style that will be decorative in their colors. Simple rectangular handles with rounded edges will suit every room.

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You can also introduce a retro chair or an armchair, a lamp or a chandelier and your goal will be reached.

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Ethno motives are also an essential part of the trend. Bed and pillow covers are an ideal place for these details. Just throw into the room a bag with ethnic details or put an ethnic mat on the wall to give the children’s room a trendy expression.

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In a fun way introduce decorative details into your child’s room and start the new school year creatively.

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