Emirates Hills in Dubai projected by Nikki B Interiors and furnished by BRABBU

Brabbu Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

August 1, 2015


Emirates Hills in Dubai is the latest interior design project in which BRABBU’s pieces were included. The project is signed by Nikki B Interiors, a boutique design practice, led by Nikki Bisiker.

A bold and provocative luxury villa with 5 bedrooms and 1391m² that represents clearly the studio’s interior design philosophy. Each room has its own style, color contrast, materials, textures and patterns, however the overall it’s harmonious. That is the uniqueness about this project.


Nikki B Interiors was responsible for the whole project, not only interior design but architecture as well. All furniture, fixtures and equipment were picked by the studio.

From BRABBU, the pieces included were HORUS Suspension Light, AGRA Dining Table and a KOI Dining Table II. HORUS is a contemporary ceiling light that’s an atmosphere creator, unifying all the ambiance’s elements. Handmade in brass, the structure is also copper plated and matte black lacquered. The shaders are made from brass. AGRA dining table is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance. The use of marble combined with brass details makes it a one of a kind design piece. KOI Dining Table II is a stand out dining table for 12 people, an attention catcher enhancing every dining room set.


Dining Room


The dining room is dominated by a color palette of strong yellow and blue used in the front wall, sideboard and chairs. Contrasting with it are neutral tones as white, beige and black from the other walls, curtains and table lamps. The floor has a mirrored effect giving the sensation of enlargement of the space. It was in this set that HORUS Lamp and KOI Dining Table from BRABBU were used. Both are the decor central pieces, combining perfectly with one another as well as with the other decor elements.




The kitchen has a deity aura surrounding the ambiance, its decor it’s peaceful, charming and inviting. The main colors used for the kitchen decor were white and gold. They can be found in the ceiling light, the dining table, chairs and walls. The floor which perfectly unites the other elements is the traditional tiled floor in black and white. It is in the kitchen that BRABBU’s AGRA Dining Table can be found as a key decor element where people will gather around sharing the daily stories.


Every room narrates a story told by the pieces that were chosen to compose the ambiance. Since the entrance hall to all the rooms of this luxury villa an exquisite experience starts unfolding itself, providing to its inhabitants the best of what can be expected from a high end cosmopolitan lifestyle.


Photo Gallery:Emirates Hills in Dubai projected by Nikki B Interiors and furnished by BRABBU