Apartment in the Sky

Andrea Halley-Wright (DesignSense) / Taylor & Taylor Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

July 29, 2015


The centerpiece of this dramatic 25th-floor penthouse is its view of the entire southern half of Biscayne Bay. The shimmering view stretches from Key Biscayne all the way down to Key Largo. The apartment itself is equally expansive, comprising over 5,500 square feet with equally impressive 11-foot tall ceilings.


Phyllis and William Taylor of Florida-based design firm Taylor & Taylor, began the project with an unfinished raw space and endeavored to create a warm and free-flowing series of living spaces in which to curate the journalist owner’s exotic collection of African and Japanese pieces.


“Our well-traveled client was moving to Miami from her home in Washington DC, along with her treasured collection of sophisticated souvenirs. We were instantly inspired by her adventurous attitude and her fabulous collection of Eastern antiques and African artifacts. But, when it came to color, however, our client proved to be a bit less adventurous. There were only two colors she would allow – Chinese cinnabar red, and moss green. Our interesting client, along with the heavenly water views were the design catalyst for this apartment in the sky,” the Taylors revealed the design story behind this project. 


The dining area with its woven sliding screens can be opened for casual dinners, or closed for a more formal dining experience.


The kitchen island, made from a pair of painted Chinese chests, serves as a complement to the modern kitchen cabinets and appliances.


Bathroom design: the softly illuminated onyx tub with its solid wood wenge top, made for a truly zen bathing experience. The antique Korean chest was repurposed into a vanity cabinet that holds both the sink and plenty of storage.  


In the bedroom, an antique Chinese metal trunk conceals a pop-up television, so when not in use, the water views are still the main show.


Hallways were designed as a gallery display spaces for books and treasures from around the world. 


About Taylor & Taylor

“We love all styles, as long as they are done well.”

The Taylors love “houses”… and they are experts in the art of creating HOMES for others who share their passion for houses! They believe that a house is the stage on which you live your life and therefore the architecture, the interior design, the arrangement of each space, the furnishings and the even the accessories should speak much more about who you are and not so much about who you might wish to be.


The art the Taylors practice so expertly is knowing how to set that stage so that it welcomes family and friends authentically, so that it offers its inhabitants a palpable sense of their past as well as the possibilities for their future, and that it resonates with the music of laughter and the aroma of hospitality, that it offers comfort of security, and a refuge to enjoy some of the simple luxuries of life.



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