Design Inspired by Nature

Karpa Press

June 23, 2015

Products & Materials

Nature is our inspiration!



With its form inspired by a cross section of a tree trunk, Gaia coffee table will certainly be the kind of piece that deprives itself from the most common forms, carrying a bit of Nature to the space of your home.


The entire structure is made out of fiberglass lacquered in bronze color with its center lacquered in gold color and a glass or high-gloss walnut root top.





Bonsai table is Karpa’s tribute to one of the most iconic trees in the world. The purposes of planting a Bonsai are primarily contemplation and the pleasant exercise of effort and simplicity. These are exactly the feelings that this design aims to provoke.




With a top made in clean glass or in walnut root, sustained by an important but delicate base in bronze finish, this dining table tries to represent the most genuine connection between art and design.




Roots are folding screens that certainly break the rules, turning what is usually simple and discreet, into an authentic work of art that highlights a space that needs something bolder.




The aged white finish balances the imposing shape of the piece, turning it into something different and artistic but light at the same time. Its organic form also allows a vast variety of combinations and sizes.




Inspired by spring flowers, Flora chair is finished in bronze color and subtle padding, that when combined with an organic shape allows this piece to assign any space the freshness, lightness, and positive energy – which are this season’s characteristics.




Luna is a comfortable chair that will take you to a mystic atmosphere due to its organic shape.


Having the delicacy and elegance of flowers as inspiration, this chair seems like a piece that was recovered from Mother Nature, especially to be used as an elegant and distinctive chair.



With two different dimensions, since there is one with a higher back, this chair is perfect to be used as dining chair or in meeting rooms, being available in natural aged fiberglass, in bronze finish, or even in a more common lacquering.

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