Traditional Portuguese Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Furniture Design

Alma de Luce Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

June 20, 2015

Products & Materials

Alma de Luce is the name of one of the most recent high-end Portuguese furniture brands. Though officially launched in January 2015, at Maison & Object trade fair in Paris, the brand was born in Vila Nova de Famalicão, a small town in the North of Portugal. Both graduated in Architecture, the founding siblings Helena and Carlos decided to create a brand that strives to keep the memories of the past well alive.


Alma de Luce’s mission is “to tell memories through senses”, reason why it signs with: Feel the Memory. Besides placing Portugal in the World, targeting niche markets, the brand strives to embody the rich memories from the past under the form of noble materials assembled according to a high degree of expertise.




“Many years have passed and I still see you my mother, with the needle in your hand. Every day, in every vacant moment, you shape lines and colors in your love.

My trousseau. “ Alma de Luce®



In traditional Portuguese society, crochet was taught over long winter evenings around the fire place. Starting from the basics, and evolving to complex and knotty artistic methods, this art was performed and preserved through sharing and defy, in a strong discipline environment and shared commitment, to a higher standard of recognized perfection in outstanding patterns.


ALMA DE LUCE® is exposing the uniqueness of this trousseau made with crochet, whose cultural significance exceeds the value of each piece, and does so through the reinterpretation of standards using crystals. The combination between some of  the material’s shining intensity, and the pattern astonishing detail, will definitely produce an outstanding sense of wonder nearby, no matter where.


The piece is numbered from 01 to 30. The exterior is made of thermo molded Pearl Gray Corian®, and manually perforated with handcrafted inlay of 36 123 Swarovski® crystals in Amethyst color. The inner part is completely coated with Palissandro wood, finished with a gloss varnish. The embedded drawer’s handles are made of handcrafted gold leaf.





“I’ll tell you a secret: I learned the craft of dreams, that arise in my thinking. Learned poems of sewing threads, with tangles and stubborn hands. I made a room of mine in each pattern, what poem of endless verses. Needle and thread in hand, I learned to fly. My mother taught me. “ Alma de Luce®


Simply NAPERON. The naperon is like a blank verse waiting for its destiny. Much more than yarns, patterns and sizes, crochet conquered a major importance over time in people’s lives.


With NAPERON cabinet, ALMA DE LUCE® intends to recover the tradition, the techniques passed down from generation to generation but for which there is no record, and transform it into a contemporary look that is distinguished by a sense of taste and a sophisticated touch. Alma de Luce gives it a new meaning, making it last forever, and unleashing the verse that proclaims its destiny.


The piece is numbered from 01 to 30. Cabinet in high gloss, black lacquered wood with handcrafted inlay of 2 072 Swarovski® crystals in Topaz color. Interior hand painted in Metallic plaster gold color, comprising two drawers and shelves. The legs are made of solid walnut and dress up a gloss varnish finish.

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