A creative bedroom

Hülsta Press

June 1, 2015

Bedroom & Kids Room

Bedroom is the place where we statistically speaking spend most of our time. With creative details and combinations of materials and colors, bedroom can become a space in which you will be happy to stay even when you are not sleeping!


The easiest way to bring life into an existing bedroom is with decorative items. With bowls or vases with dried flowers, platters with decorative fruits or books on the shelf, you will enter a whiff of creativity to this area.


By playing with fabrics you will easily create a creative atmosphere in the room. Play with decorative pillows, bedding, upholstery and carpets. If the walls are neutral, be sure to insert some color into this space. These decorative items can be complex or even slightly messy, creating a “creative disorder”.


You can introduce additional wall furniture into the existing bedroom. It may be linked to the head of the bed or the free sections of the walls, but it is preferable that these items are smaller, rather than to compromise the existing concept of space. This furniture can be of a color that so far was not used in the space. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce a touch of trend.


The play of light is what will bring creativity into every space. Use indirect effects and apply them to the head of the bed, shelves or introduce lighting of unusual or retro shapes. All shapes and sizes of lighting fixtures are allowed in making the creative atmosphere.


The creative atmosphere will also be achieved with a combination of colors and materials: pieces of painted and unpainted wooden furniture. Such contrasts are always effective in space, and they can be applied to cabinets, chests of drawers and bedside tables.


For those who have a spacious bedroom, a creative atmosphere can be achieved with additional elements of furniture such as unusual armchairs and coffee tables, which will create an additional zone of relaxation in the room. Combine different colors and materials such as wood, glass and metal, always in a retro style.


The most complex way of introducing creative elements in the bedroom is one that requires additional installations and is usually anticipated already in the design phase of the building. The introduction of a Jacuzzi is one of those ways. This area is a real relaxation zone so enrich it with greenery and decorative items.


Photo: Huelsta

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