Details that add the finishing touch to design furniture

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April 15, 2015

Products & Materials

Cane-line has yet again extended the range of accessories, because people love creating living spaces outdoors, the driving force behind this very popular trend for accessorising. Small tables, cushions, rugs and outdoor lighting are all details that add the finishing touch to a design furniture setting.  

Beautiful accessories that keep you warm

Our knitted plaids made from strong fibres for a textured look have been hugely popular from the very beginning and this season’s new plaid is Stay Warm. It is a double-knit plaid available in three colours: Latte, Dusty white or Granite. All of the plaids are anti-bacterial, allergy friendly, washable at 30° C and they do not attract mould in damp conditions. Perfectly beautiful outdoor accessories that keep you warm.


Soft footstool in natural colours

The hand-crocheted footstool Divine is a useful accessory indoors and outdoors, available in brown, turquoise, grey – and now green. The textured look and soft shapes are the result of six days of skilled hand crocheting, resulting in a footstool that can be used in all kinds of weather. The polypropylene cover can be washed at 30° C. The beautiful delicate colours withstand strong sunshine, while the stuffing of styrofoam pellets in an inner bag are not harmed by an occasional rain shower.


Cushions to lie back on

The hand-crocheted look of the Divine footstool is also available for a range of cushions in the same colour scale. Sofa cushions available in grey, brown, green and turquoise add a soft look to the lounge by interrupting the toned-down colours and sharp lines. Like the Divine footstool, the cushion covers can be washed and the cushions can be used outdoors.


Rugs create space

The rug Defined can be the real centrepiece of any given space and binds the furniture together to a finished living area. Like the Divine footstool, the rug is made from polypropylene, so it repels water and is easy to clean. Defined is available in two sizes – either 140 cm or 200 cm in diameter.


Lights for long evenings

As the hours spent outside grow longer, so is the need for proper lighting. Cane-line introduces two new outdoor light sources this season, an electric lamp and a lantern for candles. The Lighthouse lantern is made from strong materials, making it stable under windy conditions. Should the unthinkable nevertheless occur, the lantern glass on the 55 cm x 33 cm sides is easily replaceable. Drum is an electric lamp created for outdoor use. The milky fibreglass casing ensures a soft, non-blinding effect.


Small tables that provide the finishing detail

Another option for giving a space a more personal look and for creating an extra-special outdoor setting is to use small tables. The On-the-Move tray table is easy to move around and the wide range of subdued pastel colours means the table is a useful way of creating a more distinctive look. The Chill-out tables are simple additions with several functions that provide full flexibility.


Covers that protect

Even though Cane-line’s outdoor furniture tolerates all kinds of weather and is well-known for its minimal maintenance, Cane-line covers will ensure that your furniture has a longer lifetime and helps keeping spring cleaning to a minimum. The Covers are made of black, water-resistant polyester fabric. The different sizes ensure that Cane-line Covers can be used for the different ranges in the collection and actually for all kinds of garden furniture.


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