CIELO presents “The invention of Colour”

Cielo Press

April 16, 2015

Bathroom & Spa

The project based on the chromatic and tactile perceptions connected to the art of ceramic for the bathroom

The “Terre di Cielo” is a chromatic range and of surfaces, adaptable to the design ceramic articles proposed by CIELO, which assume in this way a new interpretation thanks to new colours and finishes. This is the result of a careful and hardworking research that CIELO carried on and which led to an exclusive offer in the contemporary market.


CIELO, aware of complexity and value of the tradition which binds ceramic concept to enamels manufacturing, made a deep work of research with the mission to introduce new colours in the bathroom through an experimental way aimed at understanding the essence and the origin of colour, discovering its relationship with nature, finding its importance through the ceramic handmade item and analyzing its role in architecture.


The idea of “The invention of colour” comes out from desire of designers and architects, to whom the company wants to provide a new working tool for the creation of spaces in accordance with people sense and desire. CIELO tried to follow the wish to return to the use of natural elements inside home and, starting form this point, the company began a careful study on use of grounds colors such as powders and mineral or vegetal elements.The relationship between sight and touch effect of each colour is also inspired to the nature and this helps to understand the inside connection with the material.


Thanks to an high-scientific process, the standard chemical composition of enamels has been converted in a large range of colours, that can be enriched time-by-time with new nuances with the aim of satisfy every specific designer need and support the limitless expression of use of each element as a singular sensitive experience.


Following natural elements inspiration, “Terre di CIELOis composed by colours as: Basalto, Brina, Pomice, Talco, Cacao, Tabacco, Arenaria, Tufo, Muschio, Salvia, Agave, Limo.


During last years, new forms research permitted CIELO to update constantly its collections, while now, the new aim of the company is to connect the new material and colour experimentation in enamels renovation with different combinations of finishes and textures.



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