ILLUM: entry collection with a Scandinavian twist

Tribù Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

March 8, 2015


After the launch of the luxury collections Tosca and Vis à Vis in 2014, TRIBÙ now directs itself in 2015 with the entry collection ILLUM to a younger generation, which has an eye for style and quality but however not a budget yet for true high-end outdoor furniture.


The ILLUM armchair refers to the classical Scandinavian furniture archetypes, translated with updated materials for outdoors. Aluminium is used like sculpted wood throughout the collection, with smooth transitions from crisp to soft lines. Functionality is paramount for ILLUM, without compromising on comfort and class however. The soft-curving back support provides an inviting view and seating comfort. The seat is made from Batyline with a very subtle weave pattern. A choice that is beneficial to the looks as well as to the durability, because Batyline is very strong, UV resistant, fast drying, and dirt and moisture-repellent.


The table with its slim legs is kept pure and simple. For the tabletop, you can choose from teak or ceramic in different colours, among which the new colours piombo and linen. An extra plus of the table is that it is available in two widths: the standard 98 cm and a smaller version of 71 cm. This last one is the ideal solution for smaller patios and balconies. Moreover, because people sit close to each other, it fits perfectly into the current trend of tabling in a nonchalant atmosphere.


Materials & colours

– Frame: aluminium with double powdercoating in white, linen or wengé
– Chair seat: Batyline with a very subtle weave pattern
– Tabletop: teak or ceramic in white, black, linen or piombo

Designers: Merckx + Maes

Marc Merckx and Pieter Maes met while designing furniture at Vincent Van Duysen Architects and discovered they shared a common sense of estethics and vision about design. Marc Merckx worked for 15 years as a design director and product designer for Van Duysen, managing residential and commercial projects as well as designing furniture for well-established international brands. Pieter Maes turned freelance designer in 2006, after gaining experience in several design studios in Paris, Amsterdam and Antwerp, collaborating with various artists and designers in the fields furniture design and CGI design.
The design philosophy of this Belgian duo challenges the principle of reduction with light structures and strong materials. The technical and proportional aspects are meticulously developed while working with close attention to nowadays mastery. Recently they developed their first edited series, ILLUM, for TRIBÙ.


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