Introduce the Industrial style into your home

Izabela Ninic, Architect

March 9, 2015

Products & Materials

A mixture of styles is one of the imperatives of today’s trends in interior design. Among the styles stands out the industrial style, which gives the whole interior a touch of casualness and roughness. As much as it seems that this style does not suit home decoration, you will get convinced of its charm.


Factory halls are characterized by visible roof structure with beams of very expressive dimensions because of the large spans they need to cover. This structural element can be applied in a decorative way – install several or a single large beam under the existing ceiling, and in the case of small rooms the effect is achieved. Beams can be wooden or metal. Be sure to paint them in a color that fits the interior.


A feature of halls are visible installations on ceilings and walls. Install decorative pipes, paint them in bright colors or leave in the original material and you have introduced a trendy detail! These decorations will particularly suit youthful apartments and rooms.


Industrial style will also benefit from the installation of lattice windows, as a reminder of the factory hall windows. This window is very decorative and curtains are almost not needed! Treatment of wall also contributes to the creation of the industrial style. Treat the most expressive wall in the space so that it looks old and rough. You can use some of the decorative wall techniques. The introduction of brick is also one of the ways to bring his style into your space. Bricks can be in original color or painted white.


Lighting fixtures should be large and close as possible to the actual industrial lighting. Do not overdo it; it is enough to put one light fixture in the dining room or living room that will bring a touch of this style into your interior.


Pieces of metal furniture are also welcome in this style. Metal painted in matt black, white, brown, yellow, red or blue color will refresh the existing pieces of furniture. This can be a coffee table, dresser or shelves, depending on your needs and options. Discover the charm of the industrial style and let your imagination run wild!

Photo: MDF Italia

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