Refresh your home with colors

Izabela Ninic, Architect

January 14, 2015

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Colors are a part of our everyday lives, they have a positive impact on the psyche and well-being, and it is advisable to apply them in interior design.


It is recommended to use a maximum of three different colors in the interior. Playing with more then three shades or colors can be very attractive, but most often it is done with the help of experts – architects or designers.


Soft shades of yellow, orange, green or blue can be applied on walls of the living room, bedroom or child’s room. The combination of two various colors in the same space can also be very discrete and unobtrusive if you apply gentle shades.


Application of intense color shades like for example red, yellow, purple, green, blue etc. imposes certain relations in the interior, which will have to be coordinated in order to be successful. It is advisable to paint just one wall surface in a space with such an intense color.


Optical correction of low spaces is achieved by painting the ceiling in a brighter shade of the color used on the walls. Likewise, high spaces can be visually reduced by painting the ceiling in a darker shades of the color used on the walls. You can expand narrow spaces by painting long walls in a lighter color, and the short ones in a darker or more intense color. In the opposite way, you can correct very wide space.


Paint parts of the apartment oriented to the north or with very little natural light yellow to create the impression of sunlight.


Cooler colors such as shades of green, blue or purple would be a good choice for a temperamental person that would feel better in an environment of warm colors like the yellow, orange or red.


Choose the right color for you and make a comfortable and attractive living space.


Photo: Arketipo

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