Ceramics at BAU 2015

Barbara Kals

January 13, 2015


Fired clay is one of the oldest building materials used by man. Yet the innovations in this field keep on coming, and at BAU 2015 plenty of them will be on show. For example, ceramic tiles printed using the latest digital technology and offering superb design quality and scope.

Natural, earthy effects are likely to still be in focus, but the charm of this technique is that it enables the inspiration sources not just to be copied, but to be subtly interpreted for ceramic application. The result is particularly good on large-format tiles, with side lengths of up to 120 cm: the trend towards XXL dimensions continues, while at the other extreme interest is still strong in intricate ceramic mosaics. In wall tiles the third dimension continues to offer interesting options, for example as regards sculptural Reliefs.

Other focal points are tiles for outdoor applications, ceramic facade systems and modular tile series which make it easy to create individual concepts, and provide a medium for color expression, an essential tool in creative architectural design. For even when subject to intense solar radiation or artificial lighting, tiles retain their color, there is no fading, no bleaching and no darkening.

As well as aesthetic aspects functional solutions will also be presented, for example the latest innovative glaze finishes. Information on sanitation technology and accessories, fittings and accessories will also be on display in this section at BAU 2015.