Interiors enjoyed by all the senses

Izabela Ninic, Architect

December 29, 2014

Products & Materials

A general feeling of enjoyment in a space is achieved by active participation of all our senses. With an interaction of touch, sight, hearing and taste we experience space in particular, very individual ways. The style of furnishing, type of applied materials, manner of lighting and other important details, successfully enhance the spatial experience.


Visual effects are among the most important in creating the overall impression, because the sense of sight creates primary impressions, which are complemented by other senses. The design of individual elements and the general harmony represent an important part in the creation of the final atmosphere in space.


Colors, materials and lighting effects, enhance the quality of the atmosphere in the interior and form a complex whole, which we visually perceive as a pleasant, relaxing, dynamic, elegant, sumptuous and playful atmosphere.


The sense of touch is an essential element in detecting the quality of space or certain elements of furniture. Most directly subject to the sense of touch are sectionals, armchairs, sofas, chairs, blankets, bedding, decorative pillows, and floor coverings.


The sound effects in space, through selected type of music, enrich the space and emphasize the dimension that can not be perceived by the visual senses. The sound fills the space in a particular way and is actively involved in the creation of the final atmosphere.


The invisible but palpable quality of space is created through odors, which enrich it, emphasize it, create associations and bring back memories. Refresh and fill the space with scented candles, or essential oils. Particularly refreshing space is achieved by the introduction of natural plants and flowers, which in addition to enriching the space with their fragrance, also enrich the space visually.


Fully enjoyment in space will be allowed by the sense of taste when eating delicious food or drinking a glass of good wine. Food is always associated with pleasure, and when it happens in an interior that other senses can enjoy too, the event is superb.


Interiors enjoyed by all the senses are a real response to the demands of modern living, where home becomes a central place of relaxation, energy charging and new creative ideas.


Photo: Arketipo

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