Gallotti&Radice – the perfect balance between modernity and hints of classic

Gallotti&Radice; Press

December 23, 2014

Living & Dining Room

Gallotti&Radice express their identity through the elegance and style of their products. The new products draw the attention on their design and the materials used to make them (including a state of the art texture that will enhance the tactile beauty of leather for shelves and doors).


New important products have been added to the Gallotti&Radice collection, such as dining tables, coffee tables, mirrors, and furnishes, which trace a whole new way of contemporary living. Just as a bookcase is home to books, the new bar cabinet is home to glasses and exclusive flavours to enjoy and to share, whereas the secretaire is absolutely charming.


Gallotti&Radice’s continuous research is fully expressed in the new items of the collection, both in the new materials that have never been used before, and in the unmistakable architectural references. Even the smaller pieces have their own distinctive character and bring exclusive beauty to our everyday lives.


Gallotti&Radice’s research has been focusing on transforming the perception of crystal from being a cold material to fascinating and reassuring. To do so, the slabs are bevelled to create precious visual details, and they experiment with modern finishes and colours, as well as with new combinations with different materials, such as burnished brass – which has a strong aesthetic impact – or with new textures that bring to mind the pleasantness of leather.


To underline the timeless character of their products, Gallotti&Radice pay special attention to display, creating a perfect balance between modernity and hints of classic and more learned styles.


Gallotti&Radice conveys the image of a long-established and reliable company that is capable of making new headway, thanks to important partnerships with designers with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, including: Monica Armani, Ricardo Bello Dias, Pinuccio Borgonovo, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Massimo Castagna, Carlo Colombo, Luca Nichetto.


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