Exhibition “Flora by Hoyka” in the Mimara Museum, Croatia

December 3, 2014


On the 25th of November, art photographer Damir Hoyka opened an exhibition of his photographs from the series called “Flora” at the Mimara Museum in Zagreb.


Hoyka is exhibiting photographs that, following the change of seasons, he created in Zagreb, the Croatian capital, and its surroundings, during the two-year period. The works were designed in two phases. In the second phase, the photos were digitally transformed from classical landscape photographs to the shifted reality of nature.


“Nature is more complex and metaphysically more intriguing than we can perceive.” said Hoyka about the “Flora” series, and added: “I suppose that’s because we have already experienced or through a variety of visual media have seen such unusual editions of nature that we have become insensitive. I often dwell in nature and think in what way I could make the ‘miracle’ of the existence of living matter more noticeable and contemplative to the people around me. The result is this series of photographs in which, as in nature, by approaching you discover new worlds of almost surreal creatures and shapes.”


Admission to the exhibition is free. The exhibition will be open until the 7th of December.

Photo Gallery:Exhibition “Flora by Hoyka” in the Mimara Museum, Croatia