Fresh Colours and Free-Style Shapes: “Elements” from Vorwerk

VORWERK Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

November 26, 2014


To usher in the new year the company is presenting an ingenious collection displaying new colours, shapes and materials – “Elements” by Werner Aisslinger.

On behalf of Vorwerk flooring Werner Aisslinger has given a new interpretation to the subject of area floor coverings. Primary geometric shapes served as the designer’s inspiration for the “Elements” that arose. In the sense of archetypes, they form a part of our everyday perception; as regards more recent design history, they gained fame here as well, for instance during the Memphis era. Six basic shapes (four end elements and two rectangular connecting units) can be combined to form out-of-the-ordinary collages in various colours and rug structures.


The spatial surface is interrupted by narrow strips in co-ordinated, intense hues of woollen felt. The individual segments can be adjoined with one another and sequenced in infinite variations. Depending on the ultimate size, this area rug is well suited for accentuating rooms and spaces. At a width of one metre and any length desired, even spacious hallways obtain a refreshing progression of colours and materials – as a new interpretation of the classic carpet  runner.

With “Elements” Werner Aisslinger has imparted a new face to the area rug. The tiles add an emphasis to open-plan rooms and offices. The same applies to public-access walkways or to set distinct areas apart. Particular suspense is shown by colour combinations typical of Aisslinger projects such as:

• Curry yellow combined with night and sky blue

• Aqua together with fir green and a luminous red accent

• Beige with different shades of green

• Berry hues and signal red

• Kiwi green with luminous blue stripes.


In interaction with woollen felt, classic wall-to-wall carpeting finds a new context in the course of this new collection of carpet tiles by Aisslinger. A slip-resistant backing prevents the rug from shifting its position. On the other hand, the tiles can be taken up and reset at any time without residual traces. When ordering, the “Elements” can be composed individually or pre-packaged in six different combinations. They form one part of the newly expanded carpet collection from Vorwerk flooring entitled “Projection”. The collection offers creative solutions for  a pleasing spatial atmosphere and shall be presented in January 2015.

Photo Gallery:Fresh Colours and Free-Style Shapes: “Elements” from Vorwerk