How to choose a fireplace

Izabela Ninic, Architect

November 24, 2014

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Position of a fireplace is usually determined by the position of the chimney so it is very important to choose the type of the firebox and the fireplace design that will best fit the space. It often happens that the fireplace is located in visually awkward corners, hidden with oversized seating sets or oriented opposite of what is important in space.


There are several basic forms of fireboxes which are selected according to the characteristics of the area and the effects to be achieved.


Unilaterally oriented fireboxes / fireplaces will emphasize the wall on which they are located. Alongside a fireplace we can place items of furniture, a TV set or the wall may be completely free from all unnecessary details. Combining the fireplace with elements of furniture requires connections in materials, colors and lines. When the wall is free, a fireplace can be located anywhere – in the living room, dining room, bedroom.


Fireboxes / fireplaces with anterior and lateral orientation require careful consideration of what is happening in space. Laterally oriented fireplaces need to have the space opened in that direction. Just place an armchair on the side or leave a space for communication and the goal is achieved!


The same applies to opening of both sides of the fireplace -the emphasis is on the front, except in the case of a corner fireplace.


Fireboxes / fireplaces with open front and rear side should be placed in a space where interesting things are happening on both sides. This can be a seating area on one side, and a library or a dining room on the other.


Freestanding fireplaces are extremely attractive in space. They take a lot of room, and good organization is needed in order to achieve harmony. This setup requires the whole area to be activated, because this creates a strong bond around the fireplace.

It is recommended to leave the installation of the fireplace to professional companies that will provide a guarantee for their work and remove any shortcomings in case of technical problems.


Photo: MCZ

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