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Unleash Imagination and Design with Cia International

Children’s bedroom furniture with attractive finishings and clean lines that merges functionality with child safety – innovative, space-saving, customizable, and multifunctional solutions. These are the new pieces of Cia International.

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With the benefit of 50 years of experience in this field, each year Cia International expands its collections with purpose-built solutions for all needs.

Bedroom furniture with bridging units, fold-away beds, bunk beds, furniture for single bedrooms or multiple-bed rooms, and interiors that are not just for children.

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The company has expanded its range of wardrobes to offer versatile units – mix and match mirrored doors or glass display doors, as well as wooden, lacquered, or shaped doors to create that up-to-the-moment new effect.

The selection of practical desks ranges from minimalist solutions to fold-away units; functional study areas that can become comfortable computer corners or play areas due to the purpose-made paneling.

And finally, the striking modular bookcases that can also serve as partitions or containers…

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