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Kids’ Candyland Playroom Design Project

Discover the playful and colorful interior design project – a playroom, pastel-colored and artistically created for kids to play indoors. 


Picture an amusement park in your home. To be precise, picture an amusement park for kids, and picture that fun park inside your kids’ room.
Circu, the kids’ furniture brand, in partnership with the designer Asmaa Tarek, imagined and created that playful interior space. The previously mentioned interior design project is a playroom, artistically made for kids to have fun and learn indoors. For all those times when playing outdoors might be a challenge, this pastel-colored project could be the solution. Whether you have a large kids’ room or a spare room in your home, here are a few creative ideas for that space.


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Pastel Color Palette Joins Candy-Themed Furniture and Wall Art

With the color palette made of pastel tones and wall art inspired by candy – this designer playroom is fun all around.
The Portuguese furniture brand’s Bubble Gum Gym takes the main stage in this playful room, and it’s one of the key pieces of this design project. Traditional outdoor playgrounds are the inspiration for the previously mentioned Bubble Gum Gym – a colorful place for adventure and creativity in the children’s play area. Bubble Gum Loop, inspired by fun shapes of kids’ favorite candies, joined the party and added a little extra fun to the interior space.


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Relaxing and Reading Area for the Little Champions

And what’s a playroom or kids’ bedroom without a resting area for the little champions? For this creative project, the designer wanted to make an interior space where kids could find comfort – without the seating furniture taking too much space in the room. The Dainty Armchair has got you covered. As fancy as its name, Dainty is a figure of elegance and beautifulness and it will create your little one’s favorite spot to read his/her favorite stories.


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