New Majestic Hotel in Singapore

Singapore is well known in the tourism market as one of the best destinations for congress tourism. This position was attained thanks to a well-thought-out service that makes the tourist offer of this Asian destination really attractive. Part of this offer is the “New Majestic” Hotel in Chinatown“a mix of local culture, art, and design that goes out of the ordinary”.

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Artistic Hotel Interior

When entering this popular hotel, you will find yourself in a lobby whose “snowy” beauty is “warmed” by chairs and armchairs in a warm brown color. The transparent staircase is unobtrusive, which perfectly suits the neutral interior.

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Relaxing green walls and chairs and the pleasant brown-red color of the wooden floor in “The Majestic” restaurant accentuate one another, thus creating an active and comfortable space.

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Each Guest Room Is Designed by a Local Designer

Guestrooms were designed by nine local designers, and their stylistic diversity contributes to the artistic impression of the hotel. For example, the colorful murals in the Pop Art style complement the simplicity of beds and bedding. Designer furniture is also present, which gives each room its unique appearance.

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Some of the 30 rooms have mirrors covering almost the entire surface of the wall, creating an illusion of a space double the size. Another solution in accordance with modern trends is a bathtub placed in the middle of the room that catches the eye with its position and attractive design.

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Illusionism on the walls creates an artistic experience of a forest in black and white or color, as well as many other imaginative elements.

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Loh Lik Peng, the owner of this artistic hotel, has hired renowned professionals in the field of graphic and interior design, as well as fashion and film production, to design several suites so that each of the suites represents “a world in itself.” The beauty of traditionalism meets modern design, Pop Art meets Op Art, and many other interesting things – it’s all the “New Majestic Hotel”.

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This attractive hotel is a member of the Design Hotels™ group that represents a collection of more than 250 hotels worldwide.

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Photos: Design Hotels™



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