The Living Staircase by Paul Cocksedge – Green Design Project

The Living Staircase by Paul Cocksedge: the staircase becomes green space in the new project of the English designer. Have a look. 

Can a staircase become something more than just a means of moving? Definitely yes. We have already seen some projects where this item assumes different functions, from a living vertical bookcase in which the steps are used as seats.

A new answer to this question comes from British designer Paul Cocksedge that the project achieves a staircase area with a circular shape in which the central space is utilized for a variety of activities such as drawing, reading, or drinking a cup of tea.

Designed for Ampersand, a new office building dedicated to art and creativity in Soho, London, the project is also interesting for the connections that are able to stimulate among those who move from one environment to another. The staircase thus becomes a meeting point, where the green plays a fundamental role: the plants placed on the balustrade create a vertical garden where workers are encouraged to treat themselves.

The Living Staircase by Paul Cocksedge - Green Design Project,

The Living Staircase – Photo ©Paul Cocksedge Studio™



London-based Paul Cocksedge Studio™ is the internationally acclaimed design practice of directors Paul Cocksedge and Joana Pinho. With over 10 years of experience and a strong team of collaborators, the practice has developed a unique reputation for thoroughly original and innovative design, underpinned by research into the limits of technology, materials, and manufacturing processes. The studio has recently expanded the practice and formed two distinctive teams.

One team is dedicated to the online Paul Cocksedge Shop which features an ever-growing range of exclusive products, including lights (‘Styrene’, ‘Pole light’), playful objects (‘Bookmark’, ‘Invisible bookend’), and innovative solutions for amplifying sound, another of Paul’s abiding interests (‘Change the Record’, ‘Volume’).

The other team concentrates on spatial and architectural projects. The Studio’s direction is moving towards the design of more permanent structures which affect the way people interact with their surroundings on a longer-term basis, as well as creating the magical but fleeting installations for which the Studio is known.

At the heart of the practice is the symbiosis between Paul’s dynamic creativity and Joana’s strategic leadership. Surrounded by a dedicated team of specialists, they are capable of delivering highly innovative and varied designs across a wide range of business contexts, moving effortlessly between tightly budgeted commercial projects and naturally evolving experimental work.

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The Living Staircase – Photo ©Paul Cocksedge Studio™



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