What makes Italian restaurant design unique?

Discover a couple of tips on designing and decorating an Italian-themed restaurant.


The Italian culture is known for being loud and colorful; they always revolve around the idea of family and oneness. The decorations in restaurants are always favored by the majority of food aficionados because of their sheer beauty. The colorful tablecloths, romantic paintings, and wall-hangings of grapevines add to the rich and authentic culture of Italy. People enjoy surrounding themselves with these decorative elements while having a serene afternoon lunch with family or an intimate dinner date with their partners.


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If you want to attract an array of customers, serving them with tasty Italian cuisine is a great idea, especially if the food is served in an attractively designed restaurant. The Italian restaurant design should make your customers feel like they are in the middle of Rome, sipping on red wine and having sliced bread. The customer’s experience largely depends on the interior design and set-up of the restaurant they are dining at. Italian-themed restaurants often pay extra attention to designer handles because door handles, and knobs also have ancient history trailing back to Italian origin.


Italian-themed restaurants often have dining options in the open during spring and summer. In Italy, the tradition of sitting outside in the summertime while enjoying something delicious is quite a famous practice. Be it a trattoria or a ristorante, Italians like to eat their delicacies out in the open. Italian restaurant designs have a unique touch because they reflect Italian cultural history. Italian-themed restaurants are often subtle in nature. In some of them, the elegant wine bottles are placed as decor, or the color palette of the room is inspired by Tuscan-style colors. Italian murals and marble floors, antique showpieces, and pretty carpets with beautiful patterns are welcome in the design.


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Design Inspired by the Italian Cities and Regions

Many restaurants choose to set the whole place inspired by the significant symbolism from different cities and regions like Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Tuscany, etc. Roman-themed restaurants have pictures of famous landmarks in this ancient Italian city, wall-hangings of the Colosseum, etc. Restaurants that draw inspiration from life in Tuscany often have decors made of marble and tiles, even on the tabletop, and the walls are usually earthy tones like gold and red-brown. A Venice-themed restaurant might have murals of canals and gondolas. Linen cloth is placed as table-cover in many Italian-themed restaurants because Italy is famous for silk and linen cloth.


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Italian designs such as faux murals and handwritten wall hangings always add a vintage look to restaurants. The cozy ambiance created by Italian interior decor always makes the visitors feel at home. Some Italian-themed restaurants even have open kitchens along with wooden chairs to highlight the amiability of the place. The La Libera in the Brera district of Milan is famous for having an open kitchen while the Dal Bolognese in Piazza del Popolo in Rome is famous for its wooden floor. Some places also have back-lit shelves especially for the wine section, focusing on Italy’s cultural significance with wine.


Italian Cuisine

Lastly, Italian-themed restaurants provide a great atmosphere to the customers because the ambiance is said to be inviting and comfortable, just like the cuisine which is light and breezy. A great Italian-themed restaurant should also excel at preparing and serving authentic Italian cuisine made with herbs, olive oil, and rich ingredients, clubbed with good customer service and behavior. Italian decor can take your imagination to the farthest corner and bring out the diversity hidden within you.


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