Feria Hábitat Valencia Press

June 27, 2016


A Selection Committee including designers Vicent Martínez and Luis Calabuig, entrepreneur Vicente Pons, journalist Txema Ybarra and trendsetters Nieves Noha and Javier Miguel will choose the participants of next year’s show.

Feria Hábitat Valencia has  made a call for the next edition of the  Nude Show, a creative space attracting every year young talents who work in Habitat equipment design. It will take place from  21st. to 24th. of February 2017. Next year will mark the 15th. Edition of this event, with the significant integration of art and crafts among the proposals accepted for participation in the Show.

In this way, NUDE puts the latest trends in the field of design on display, as, in them, the idea of art and crafts plays an increasingly important role in the valorization of the products making up the Habitat equipment. In fact, there has always been a direct link between crafts and industrial design, based on a common origin, which is the mere creation of objects.

Additionally, craft as such provides the experience of trades, gained over centuries, which displays the development of the design, production and  finishing techniques. In this regard, design studios increasingly work with craftsmen, thus allowing the integration of the highly demanded ‘return to the origins’ aimed at by Habitat.

Under those premises, the Nude Show  brings into its 2017 offering all those objects and equipment included into the Habitat world, such as furniture, lighting, textiles, kitchenware, bathroom ware, tile coverings, Locksmithery and  ironwork articles, construction carpentry and, now, craft products and artistic elements related to the Habitat

The Show has already published the parrticipation rules and condition, available on the web as well as the registration application. The show is opened to students, young designers and international designers and  creators, as well as to the design schools and new publishing and  production companies being less than 5 years old, as well as to galleries presenting projects which are compatible with the spirit of this Show.

Selection Panel

For each edition, a Selection Panel is in charge to choose, among the applications received, the works and designers that will be presented in the Show. For next year edition, this Committee will be made up of renowned designer, co-founder of Punt Mobles and  National Design Prize -in the companies section-, Vicent Martínez, accompanied by Luis Calabuig, a member of the Odosdesign Studio and a designer of the design and avant-garde area of the Valencia Habitat Fair, known as Area D.

Alongside them will be businessman from Alicante Vicente Pons, from the company Point, one of the better-known brands in the ‘outdoor’ area and the contract sector. Additionally, the committee will include Bilbao journalist Txema Ybarra, Web Director of Architecture and Design and, author, among other books of ‘Artesanos. El buen hacer español’ (Craftsmen. The Spanish fine work).

Nieves Noha y Javier Miguel, trend-watchers and analysts, and founders of EXITo, an innovation analysis portal that advances international trends in the Habitat sector, finally complete the selection panel.


The NUDE 2017 campaign is accompanied by a new promotional image, prepared by  the Valencia studio Odosdesign. As mentioned by the designers themselves, the new Nude image reflects values such as “build, make, try, and imagine… All of these concepts reinforce the idea of the project and its process and this is exactly Nude: taking a step forward and show those ideas that emerged from a previous work, in order to give a fresh impetus to designers and allow them to be strengthened”.

For  Odosdesign, that was founded in fact after having participated at the Nude show in 2005, “We define the graphic universe as our worktable, in which we build our own Nude, like an upholstery work, to make it become an Area D product”. A Nude philosophy that tries to “put the idea into practice, go from two dimensions on to three dimensions. We try to turn ideas into objects, so that they can be developed and, why not, become a product”.