Lungta – an Element of Peace in Decoration

Alma de Luce Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

June 22, 2016

Products & Materials

Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, Lungta piece is an element of peace and refinement in decoration.


Lungta pays tribute to the prayer flags, the symbol of peace in Tibet’s history. It is said that these arose when in a battle Buddha recited a prayer and this was printed in the battle flags of the two nations, which resulted in peace restored between them. Created by the Portuguese brand Alma de Luce®, the piece is available in oak wood brushed with black stain and brass legs. The coating of the drawers is in colorful satin fabric in an exquisite allusion to the memory that the piece perpetuates. Available in white and black.


Alma de Luce ® is a Portuguese brand of furniture for the premium segment, with limited edition pieces. Created by siblings, both architects – Helena Costa and Carlos Costa, ­it stands out in the market through differentiation, through the conceptual design of its parts, noble materials and techniques of manufacture used. The brand’s mission is to reveal memories and praise the world cultural heritage by the Portuguese craftsmanship.