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Sense Sofa – Glowing Warmth for Modern Minimalism

Natural materials move in and complement the ruling minimalism in the interior design. The Sense sofa from Cane-line elements is designed by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen in a warm, glowing rattan material with a hint of retro, which softens the atmosphere and surfaces in any interior decoration.

The Cane-line rattan collection


The designers have imagined a bare, white room with little furniture in a minimalistic style. Then they moved on to think about how to create furniture that provides warmth and glow and a natural dynamic for the room as a whole. The result is a unique collection of modern natural rattan furniture – like the Sense and Nest sofa, Nest and Curve lounge chairs, Spin and Blend dining chair – and the inspiring accessories, such as Nest footstool, Climb ladder and Sweep basket etc.

Sense sofa


By playing with and challenging their own conceptions of the shape of the material Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen came up with Sense, who´s name derives from the sofa’s rounded shape and the materials cane-like fashion and elegant and open back construction. The original idea was to create a sofa with outstanding and exceptional comfort which takes advantage of the rattan material as an exceptionally flexible and pliable material, and in turn, allows for open and shaped curves and constructions.

The result is an elegant and modern sofa, which expresses elegance and aesthetics from all angles express elegance and a pleasant and transparent look for the eye. Sense has a unique look that makes the sofa beautiful as for instance a room divider or simply just the natural centre of any room. Sense is flexible and be utilized as a traditional sofa, a Turkish Divan and even and extra bed – it is entirely up to you.

New era for rattan furniture


With Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen rattan furniture is now brought into a new era where the play with the material and the distinct elements of the design, makes the Cane-line elements collection of natural rattan furniture less retro and more contemporary and stylish – matching any interior style and allowing you to decorate your home the way you like. We call it – your life, your choice.

The material


Rattan is often confused with bamboo but it differs in that it has a trunk with a core, while bamboo is hollow. This makes rattan a very sturdy material, which can be fashioned into almost all shapes following processing with cooking and oiling.

Cane-line – management of the environment and working conditions


As a responsible and conscious high-end Scandinavian furniture manufacturer, Cane-line meets future consumer demands by documenting that it correctly manages the environment and working conditions, both in Denmark and at its production sites in the Far East. The company has received certification in accordance with both the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the internationally recognised SA8000 standard for social responsibility.

Picture Sense sofa:


Facts about the Sense sofa:

Measurements: Height: 72,5 cm // Length 222 cm // width 90 cm // Seat height 40 cm.

Colours: Natural rattan or white wash painted rattan. Design by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD.

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