Spring terraces and gardens

Izabela Ninic, Architect

March 18, 2016


We look forward to the arrival of warm spring days when part of our daily activities moves to outer spaces.


To give new charm to exterior spaces, introduce pieces of furniture and details that will fit into your environment perfectly. Whether it’s the green gardens or minimalist paved terraces, furniture elements and details will bring a sense of comfort and beauty.


The selection of materials and colors should be such as to ensure durability, resistance to external influences, easy maintenance, but also beauty. The beauty will be achieved by choosing simple elements that will highlight the elements already present in your environment with their shapes and colors.


 Simply designed furniture elements will fit great in a completely natural environment, but also rustic and minimalist one.


Mixing of different materials is trendy, so combine wood, metal, plastic or technoratan. You will appease the diversity of materials with a dominant base color.


Build onto a calm base with details in color and unusual shapes. This applies to decorative fabrics, cushions, decorative bowls, vases or standing lamps.


Choose fabrics in one shade or colorful, but watch out for the overall expression. Combine colorful patterns with monochrome fabrics that are contained in the sample or use several monochrome shades to get a general impression of liveliness and diversity.


Decorative items have become an integral part of terraces and gardens. Trendy is a combination of decorative items that form a visual whole. Connect a variety of materials, colors and forms into a creative arrangement!


Carpets intended for exterior spaces additionally create an atmosphere of an outer living room so they are certainly recommended to those who aspire to such an atmosphere. Pronounced carpet is combined with neutral fabrics and vice versa.


Lighting will certainly contribute to the overall atmosphere of the terrace and gardens. Indirect lighting will relax you and give a sophisticated atmosphere. This detail will certainly enhance the night look of your terrace or garden so be sure to introduce it, and then enjoy your days and nights in the open!


Photo: Paola Lenti

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