Beauty and simplicity of sliding walls

Izabela Ninic, Architect

March 2, 2016

Products & Materials

When we think of modern spaces, sliding walls are certainly their integral part. They have enabled partitioning and linking of spaces, which is of utmost importance in a modern apartment.


The need for flexibility is becoming increasingly important. At home we sleep, rest, work, practice various hobbies, and sliding walls allow us to satisfy all these needs.


Selection of the sliding wall will depend on its position and purpose, but simplicity is recommended in any case.


Transparent sliding wall with integrated horizontal and vertical slats is recommended for partitioning the living area. It can be used to partition the kitchen, library and entrance hall.  The space behind the wall will be discreetly visible, but in the background so it is necessary to decorate it as a separate visual whole. This barrier is a true indication of how simplicity can be expressive.


You can definitely boost the complete impression by lighting the rear zone, where the play of backlight and the partition wall will create a beautiful visual effect.


If you are prone to even greater breathability, it is recommended to use transparent glass walls. Stained glass is very trendy, but not completely clear, so brown or gray tones are recommended.


These walls are used in the living or sleeping area. Given the appearance and poor sound insulation, transparent glass walls are ideal for partitioning the kitchen to isolate smells or wardrobe spaces in the bedrooms.


Solid walls are recommended for a full visual isolation. Trendy simplicity dictates the use of only one material or color, in order to achieve a neutral effect, as similar to the wall as possible. This approach to the selection of colors and materials is especially desirable if you are prone to frequent changes of decorative elements in the room, because the wall will fit every style perfectly.


A quality selection of sliding walls will greatly contribute to the beauty of your space for many years to come, so choose simplicity!


Photo: Rimadesio

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